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  1. Thanks Domo. This is golden advice. We're UK based.
  2. Hi Duke Appreciate your reply. Yeah I wasnt sure at what stage the skills assessment would happen. Because we've not had that formal agent assessment yet, we're not 100% sure if we'd have a case for a skilled visa, although from all the research we've done our case looks strong. So to jump to the skills assessment might be in vain, and I guess considering what Pooja has said about the assessment possibly expiring due to lack of processing at the moment. Seems like timing is a balancing act in that respect.
  3. Thanks Pooja. This is very useful advice. When you say 'year end' do you mean calendar year or Aussie government financial year (I think I've read that's a thing!). You mention renewing skills assessment. If we did take it and it expired, is the 'renewal' just an additional fee to extend the validity of it, or something that you'd need to resubmit all original documentation for?
  4. Hi everyone, My first post here. We're at the start of our hopeful journey to Australia. My wife and I are hoping to emigrate on a 190 or 491. Her role is in healthcare and on the SOL for these visas, although not in demand during covid it seems. We've engaged an agent and done plenty of research but that's it so far. A few questions if anyone can help. We've been told (by an agent) that there's no point in doing a formal assessment with an agent until later in the year when we know a bit more about the borders opening. Is this fair enough or should we at least expect to get the ball rolling with an assessment? We could spend all this time saving and planning then find out we're ineligible. Whilst we wait, is there anything we can be doing to strengthen our case or prepare for the process? Can we submit EOIs for both the 190 and 491 or do you have to pick? Thanks in advance.