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  1. Received a request for AOS already - it only took a month from 143 submission. I was also asked to apply for Australian National Police Check as an additional document although I haven't been in the country for more than 12 months. It is easy enough online. Hope you all well and your own personal applications are progressing.
  2. Hi back in the queue again and hoping it goes faster than the 173 wait. Anyone applied 173 to 143 in the last 2 months so I can judge timeline during Covid? Not everyone has signature timeline visible.
  3. Hi everyone - I am back here as I have submitted my 143 now (see below signature for timeline) Initially I was so bummed that I did this route of 173 to 143 but upon reflection I am so glad I did as I was able to spend this conversion time it in Australia with my family. I have been here for 10 months and feel so at home. I have already found an amazing job just perfect for me working reception at a dentist, 8 min bus ride from home and 3 days a week. I have slotted in very well with the lifestyle here and in the home environment. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and every single day I count my blessing. To those of you - waiting 4 years to get my visa was hard - the last few months from getting request for docs to granting of visa was even harder but hang in there it will be so worth it in the end. In addition I will also be so grateful to those that did this journey with me your support and inspiration really helped me through this journey. I will be popping back in now as I am active in this group again so that we can continue to support each other.
  4. How long did it take from lodging 143 to grant day as I need to do that too very soon and wanted to know the timeline
  5. Hi, everyone hope you are all well, those already in Australia and those pending. I have been here already for 7 months and I just love it. Already have an amazing part time job "just down the road" and been through a drought when I arrived, fires, floods and now a pandemic. It may be a sign but I am ignoring it. I wonder if anyone has had the experience I have been having some disputes with Medicare offices - When I arrived I registered as and as I am on 173 (Tempt) I was given a blue card. I haven't used it but don't envisage any problems. On the letter with the card it says I need to get hospital cover with private health insurance which I am happy to do BUT I have to obtain a Lifetime Health Cover Letter from Medicare. Their letter states "Newly arrived Australian resident who are over the age of 31 or over (that's me) will not have to pay LHC loading if hospital cover is purchased within 12 months of registering with Medicare" So that's what I am doing but got told today due to the visa I am on they unable to give me this letter - I got some quotes and due to my age I have to pay Lifetime cover loading of nearly $80 more!. Anyone have any advice or been through the same (173 visa's only)? TIA
  6. Hi Kathss56 so great to see that you have got so far in the process. I was wondering about you and popped. Been in AUS 6 months already can you believe it. Best of luck to you
  7. Hi I keep coming in to check on your progress and saddened to see it has not progressed. Hang in there I promise you it’s going to be worth it x
  8. Just returned from Centrelink in Brookvale Sydney to register for Medicare it went very well was there for 45 minutes. Remember to take passport and visa grant letter.
  9. Hi All past and present - I just wanted to say how grateful and appreciative I am for the encouragement and a "shoulder to cry on" for the past 2 years on this forum. Without your support I don't know how I would have got through these times doing this on my own. I would like to just advise those still waiting for their visa - be patient your time will come, maybe not as quickly as you may wish but we all just have to stand in line. Remember you have been given this amazing opportunity, not a luxury bestowed on many so be grateful and patient and continue living life to the fullest. I will be back as I will need to convert to 143 very soon. Take care xx
  10. Hi all - I have a question please for those that are already living the dream and on 173 - I have a UK drivers license and know that I can drive with it for 3 months but then what happens then and what can I do until I have converted my 173 to 143? TIA
  11. 1 Week of work left then up, up and away......
  12. I am so so happy for you - we have done this long and stressful journey together so it is great to see your parents have finally got their grants. Many congratulations and see you for 143 applications ...ugh
  13. @Sadge Congratulations - how great was it booking that one way ticket - to me that was the best thing ever! (well 2nd best to getting visa granted)