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  1. I think this last hurdle is worse than the past 3 1/2 years waiting for the request for additional documents. 70 days were up last week and no word from DOHA and have no idea how long this next stage will take...
  2. Unable to get estimated months anymore off IMMI website only month of processing via this link. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/family-visa-processing-priorities/parent-visas-queue-release-dates 143 - Contributory Parent (subclass 143) Processing times are not available for this visa Processing times are not available for this visa 173 - Contributory Parent (subclass 173) Processing times are not available for this visa Processing times are not available for this visa
  3. @Kalil Same boat as you just submitted mine earlier and haven't heard anything yet. The 70 day time frame was up yesterday so perhaps we will see some movements in the next few weeks if they require any further information or maybe only after 1st July - unfortunately noone can answer that query and we just need to wait.
  4. @LindaH27 I have inserted the column for Username so all that is needed is to type user name in column A no need to do anything else. Hopefully Peter has it saved somewhere else and can just copy and add the names if he did it very recently.
  5. @LindaH27Yes I saw that at 5:59am! I see also another sheet has been added "Sheet 4" so I am thinking it could be someone not to familiar with Excel. I really hope it can be fixed - certainly if the error had been spotted straight away by Anonymous they could have just clicked the reverse button and the error would have fixed itself.
  6. @Peter2Based on the tracking sheet, it could be between 1 to 3 months before the 2nd VAC is requested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qdUJtvi43-4Ma76iDQWtT3Dv2KK4HxA1lvQzeAB2MOE Peter it looks like someone has deleted column A so all the names have gone. sheet for 173 and 173 to 143 are okay. What a shame
  7. Marilyn

    Regaining permanent residency

    https://www.suncoastmigration.com/ If you click on the link it will take you to Paul's website and go to contact us
  8. @ramot I emailed my documents and got an auto reply like the normal ones when we do the "TEST" except this one was from PVC Team 1 and it said "This email is your confirmation that we received your email and/or your emailed documents" Their request to me was to send by email and to reply to the same email address requesting additional documents.
  9. Marilyn

    Chinese police clearance

    @Libra I was asked for Police Certificate for the countries I lived in the the past 10 years so there is a good chance you wont need it.
  10. @surfersj just saw this and I had my medical on the 25th February and received a call the next day from Knightsbridge doctors requesting I come back immediately to have another x-ray done as they found an abnormality on my x-ray. I finally received a report back from them 3 weeks later to say "there was no concerning factors" and that they have now forward my medical report to IMMI on 19th March. I haven't heard anything since. I think if there was an issue they would have contacted you immediately to do further tests. Very worrying 3 weeks I can tell you!
  11. Marilyn

    What to watch - Recommendations!

    @Toots Still a very good looking man compared to the other rockers of his generation who are in the 60's or 70's look more like they 160
  12. @Merryweather I will be settling in Sydney too in Newport and I don't know many people my age so will be lovely to connect once I get there. I will find you on here then we can exchange numbers. I don't have one yet.
  13. Marilyn

    Light at the end of the tunnel 143

    So nice to read and very reassuring - enjoy your new chapter!
  14. Marilyn

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    I have been able to go every 2nd year where I have paid (single parent) and on special occasions like the births of my granddaughters, my daughter and son-in-law have purchased me a ticket. I have the best son-in-law ever I was not due to go out again as I am very close to getting my visa granted - he bought me a ticket for me to surprise my daughter for her 40th. For them it is cheaper for me to visit as it is just 1 ticket and whereas they pay for 4 adult fares and my annual leave entitlement is much better.