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  1. All I want for Christmas is an email from IMMI with an Invitation for further document and my HAP number
  2. @AKB Congratulations I am sure you must be so excited and anxious at the same time. It will all be worth the wait. Just remember to breathe!
  3. I am still waiting for my 173 to be granted and already planning on applying for the conversion to 143 on the day I land and activate my visa so it give me 24 months grace without stressing. I really hope it works out for you and soon.
  4. I plan to do the switch from 173 to 143 as soon as I have activated my 173 I won't be waiting for the 2 year grace rather just get it started as there will already be a delay with AOS. At least I will be in Australia then and try to avoid bridging visa.
  5. @dunken I am in the same position I have applied for the 173 - there is a physical advantage whereby your folks can be in Australia whilst on the 173 and doing the switch to 143 - for the 173 we won't have to do AOS at this time as there is nearly a 18 - 20 week delay so when it gets to processing ours it will be quicker when they ask for Form 80, Medical and Police Clearance and payment of 2nd VAC. The only disadvantage is a financial one as it is slightly more expensive a difference in total by $4,260 and also the chance the AOS maybe increased in 2019 from $10,000 to $15,000 for a single parent.
  6. HI its a tourist visa and I got info from others in this forum who applied in 2015 and are currently in Australia on an 143 so that was my thought of doing the same in the New Year.
  7. Gosh that is what scares me with applying for the 600 and its not issued within the 12 months
  8. My sponsors details changed so I emailed the form 1022 and received an email back from them to say the details have been updated. Remember to put your File Ref number in the subject line of your email.
  9. Great news there has been an improvement on the processing times for both 143 and 173 (was 43 months and 48 months) We need some uplifting news! 75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed 42 months 45 months
  10. It looks like they have changed the whole website (again) once you get used to something they change it! I can't seem to find that page where it shows the months (78% and 90%) please could you post the link when you get a chance. The page I find is just a processing diagram
  11. Hi - what I think happened was IMMI started asking applicant to start processing Form 80, Police Certificates and Medicals then they realised that there was such a delay at Centrelink and a lot of the medicals and police certificates would expire before the case officer was assigned so they stopped asking after applications dated 1st July 2015 and onwards - this is just my theory from what I read in past posts. I stand to be corrected.
  12. Congratulations! Been a long and stressful journey but all worth it when you get that grant!
  13. I hear you....I been looking back at other posts to do with 600 on here and see there is a pattern for those 2015 applicants who have now applied for 600 visa do not have any restrictions except No work or study for more than 3 weeks and they were not asked for any private insurance and those 2016 applicants received all the restrictions - I been reading AMP and Wishful past posts and they are both lodged around my time with no restrictions so maybe that maybe a positive for me, also having applied for 173 I won't have the delay of AOS approval
  14. Well looks like I will be in a couple of unfortunate situations - my flatmate has always been aware that I am immigrating with the thought of it being early 2019 so she has been making arrangements of selling her place and moving back to Sweden so at this rate I will be homeless if these delays continue. In addition my boss has decided to retire at the end of March 2019 also with me immigrating early 2019 so he may not be replaced that will mean that I will need to be re-deployed if that happens. We both thought we would leave at the same time. I was not stressed but now I am. At one stage the processing of 173 was shorter than 143 but now its on par. Just spoke to my daughter and she suggests I apply for the 600 visa if necessary instead of looking for other accommodation. Watch this space.