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  1. @Skeelsy - Newport is calling my name! Will be doing the switch to 143 the day I land (after giving lotsa loving to the kids) I'll hop onto that PC and get the ball rolling.
  2. It would be so helpful to all if everyone posted their time lines it is very easy to do and you can update as you go along. At the top right hand side where your name is there is a downward arrow, click on Account Settings then on the left hand side of the screen you will see "signature" click on that, fill in your time line in the box and at the bottom you need to save. Same process to update.
  3. 70 days currently for 173 (thats for all additional) I am sure it is the same for 143
  4. @RosiejaqI am so, so happy for you. This is wonderful news. 143 is moving again so we can all (2015'ers) start getting excited together!
  5. I just received email from IMMI requesting police certificate, medical, form 80 and colour photo of passport. They have given me 70 days from date of email (previously I think you had 28 days) I am beyond excited.
  6. @Skeelsy do you need to do police check, medical and form 80 again?
  7. I thought they are assessing those 174 to 143 (Temporary to Permanent) lodged up to March 2018 which makes it 10 months - am I reading it wrong? 103 804 143 173 864 884 Temporary to Permanent Acknowledge New Applications JANUARY 2019 Queue Assessment Mar 2017 Jul 2016 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Visa Assessment Aug 2010 Jun 2010 Jul 2015 Jul 2015 Nov 2016 Nov 2016 Mar 2018
  8. From what I gather it is only about 10 to 11 months at the moment from past test emails as I am planning on switching as soon as I activate my 173 so also been keeping an eye on the progress. @Skeelsy is currently doing the switch so may be able to give you the exact timeline.
  9. Being on 173 hopefully they may submit the processing time in the month to come. I think the delay for AOS is the cause of the delay as well. I will be 39 months tomorrow so hopefully best case scenario is May and worst is August if its still sitting at 43 / 46 months.
  10. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times The visa processing time updated on 25th January for end December on the above website is very disheartening - never seen that comment for 143 before. 173 - Unavailable due to low volume of applications. 143 - Processing times are not available for this visa
  11. Congratulations Judy to you and your family who I am sure are just as excited and elated as you are. A wonderful life lies ahead of you. Please drop in once in awhile to let us know how you are fairing.
  12. @Kathss56 It is so difficult to take these dates to heart as I know some who lodged on 03rd, 07th, 10th and 16th July 2015 were asked for documents since last Friday (14th) but they saying up to 1st July 2015 - I don't mind IMMI are doing just fine and can continue at this speed or quicker if they feeling energetic !
  13. @Bev50Bradley that IS a wonderful Xmas present. Now you can relax and enjoy your Xmas. Shows you that the auto reply is only an indication where they are a week or two on either side. It’s moving forward and that’s excitement for us all
  14. I am feeling a lot more positive...still a wait ahead but for now positive feelings. Could also be the holiday season and annual leave coming up but a lovely feeling nonetheless instead of anxiety and stress I wish you all a very festive season and more importantly a safe one. Here is hoping a wonderful and exciting start to 2019 for those who submitted in the latter part of 2015.