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  1. Hi I applied for 143 onshore after receiving my 173 - At the top of the last page of the applicants form it does say that you will not be required to resubmit any documents either as the applicant or sponsor. The only thing I had to reapply for was Police Clearance Certificate from Australia.
  2. I just saw on Channel 10 The Project that the government are now allowing those parents on shore who would normally have to leave to have their visas activated. It looks like now you can have it granted whilst you are in shore due to the risk of catching COVID whilst having to travel off shore. Great news!
  3. Such trying times. If you can do the conversion as soon as you can it just makes it complete. I could still drive with my UK license and was able to have an unexpected medical procedure on an interim Medicare card (fully paid by Medicare). Just the uncertainty with the number of visa allocations dropping so much it’s worthwhile. So saddened to hear how something so joyous is marred by the current situation. Borders opened today so that’s a good sign! Hang in there and just try to continue with good spirits. I’ll keep checking up on you x
  4. I keep popping in here to see your progress as we kind of went this journey together and am so pleased to see this wonderful news. I am truly so happy for you can’t wait to see your signature having your flight date
  5. My 143 visa was granted today. I am so chuffed.
  6. My 143 visa has been granted today. I am so happy. I can now relax for the next few years and then it’s citizenship. Hang in there to all those still waiting it will be worth it.
  7. I received request to pay 2nd VAC today 3 months exactily from submitting 143 application to requesting payment. I am so chuffed! Onwards and Upwards
  8. I received request to pay 2nd VAC today - onwards and upwards!
  9. Today I celebrate 1 amazing year in Australia, my new home. I arrived during the drought with heavy water restrictions, then we had the horrendous bush fires, then we had torrential rains and then Covid-19. Waiting 4 years and a lot of $$$$$ going through all that has been so worth it. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to get this visa which is not available for many others so all I can say is be a little bit more patient I promise you it will be so worth it.
  10. My daughter received the AOS approval letter today ..... so close to getting my visa 🥳
  11. My daughter received the AOS approval letter today .....so close to getting my visa🥳
  12. Hi I only went once whilst in UK for 173. They never asked me to do another on shore but they did get me to do an Australian police clearance certificate for 143 and UK for 173
  13. My daughter has just received the letter to pay AOS bond.
  14. My daughter has just received letter to pay the AOS bond.