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  1. Got my golden email this morning guys! PMV300 granted after 1 year and ten days, with two RFIs in between. Sending lots of luck to those still waiting!
  2. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    I know, so confusing right! I queried it and they replied confirming that is is BOTH of us, so TWO requests. Not clear at all!
  3. For all UK citizens - has anyone been asked to prove their single status when applying for the PMV? How did you do this? My sponsor has applied for his certificate from the Registry in Australia which is easy but UK isn't so straightforward - they say they can't provide for other Commonwealth countries. My understanding is that an Affidavit of Single Status is sufficient? Greatly appreciate your help!
  4. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Hi everyone - wondering if someone could help me. I received this RFI this morning. Am I being stupid, or are they only requesting my sponsor’s proof and not mine? Has any UK resident had this request? I notice that UK residents cannot apply for CNI (certificate of no impediment) if they are going to get married in another Commonwealth country. But this seems they are only asking for my sponsor's proof. This request checklist is for LAURA ___________ (me, not going to include my full name for privacy purposes) Evidence of your marital status; The relevant document from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia stating that your sponsor is free to marry.
  5. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Has anyone's processing time reduced? Mine went from 15 to 21 months to now saying 13 to 21 months. I assumed it was the monthly update but they haven't updated that on the website yet. I remember sometimes there was a delay though. I'm approaching 11 months since DOL and on Further Assessment...hoping this time change suggests some good news is coming my way! Hope those of you celebrating had a nice Easter weekend!
  6. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Upload anything and everything that relates to the two of you. I have some selfies in amongst my evidence, I believe it is proof of genuine affection and I don't seen any problem with it, as long as it is alongside other photos too. When I submit evidence for my PMV, for each trip or event I create a PDF of a collection of photos together and it includes selfies.
  7. Hello all - hope you are all getting on well! Hit the 10 month waiting mark for my PMV yesterday, trying not to focus too much on it but it's hard when everyday you log in and it says "Further Assessment". But anyway...it will get there eventually! Hoping those grants are coming in soon for all of you who have been waiting! Anyway - wondering if someone can help me with my query. I am travelling to the USA for two months in June and July for our "honeymoon" (we are doing our honeymoon before we actually get legally married!). On the off chance that I get my visa soon, do they give you a specific date you need to enter by? Our wedding is booked in Melbourne for August 2019 so there isn't a huge amount of time between the end of our honeymoon and that date. Not too worried...but I love a panic, especially when it comes to my visa. I just have visions of having to leave my fiance alone in USA while I jet back down under. I am currently offshore, at home in Edinburgh for a (freezing) couple of months! Thanks to anyone who can confirm!
  8. Happy Australia day all! Miraculously I received my first email from a CO today requesting more information. Today of all days Will keep you posted...
  9. Happy Australia day all! Miraculously I received my first email from a CO today requesting more information. Today of all days Will keep you posted...
  10. Literally surviving this process has been the proof that we are meant to be together Hope everyone is holding up OK and if you are onshore like me, enjoying the heatwave! Scorchers in Melbs but I heard SA is seriously hot!
  11. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    God I know! I’m literally going to drive myself mad! It’s all worth it but it sure puts a strain on! One day we will all be laughing about this and feeling sorry for those with even longer waits but for now...come on SANTA give us something!
  12. Laura_hj

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Nice to see things moving along for people! It’s so tough and it’s an incredible amount of time and pressure, hope everyone is hanging in there! I fly out in a week from Shanghai to Melbourne to spend Christmas with my fiancé. Still not a peep but I’m hopeful Santa might give me at least an email from a CO. Spending a few months there before returning to Edinburgh for a few months and waiting out the rest of the time. It is hard not to get downhearted and stressed but I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas nonetheless and we have a bright, more visa filled 2019!
  13. Laura_hj

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    3 months 4 days and no word..The waiting time recently decreased though, it was up to 23 months for a while!
  14. Laura_hj

    PARTNER VISA_Cultural activities

    Haha simple isn’t interesting! Saw your Glasgow comment. I’m Edinburgh born and raised! I am Scottish but living in China, my fiancé is Chinese but living in Australia. Not simple AT ALL!
  15. Laura_hj

    PARTNER VISA_Cultural activities

    Are you Scottish by any chance?