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  1. Daisy347

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    Thank you MarisaWright. I fully appreciate what you are saying and know that things can change rapidly with health, especially at my age. The agent is most definitely MARA registered and is working on my son & family's visa application and is very thorough. I do know my UK pension will be frozen and I am not in receipt of any other benefits. I do take blood pressure tablets but that is all, no other medication or illnesses (to date). I moved from one end of UK to another 5 years ago as we wanted to be closer to our only son, sadly the following year my husband was taken ill so I spent the next few years looking after him until he died so friends are very few and far between. I have no family whatsoever apart from my son which is why it is important I go with them. I would be amazed if they returned at any point, my daughter in law's family are already there and citizens, she has a job promised as she is a nurse and they have been across yearly since her parents moved out so they are well aware of prices, heat, lifestyle etc. Having said all that, I understand there is always the fear of having to return so I shall make provision should that occur but I sincerely hope it won't. My biggest worry is staying healthy so I don't get refused entry.
  2. Daisy347

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    thank you both. It's not looking good but I live in hope. Not worried about the medical exam but do understand that ill health can strike at any time but the older one is the greater the risk so do understand your point. I have contacted the agent and will wait to see what they advise. update, The agent has advised to go for a holiday visa to get me onshore once y son & family have their settled resident status ad then they can sponsor me while i apply onshore for the aged contributory which will come with a bridging visa which is what SusieRoo posted in her reply. Fingers crossed this all works out and I stay healthy
  3. Daisy347

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    VERYSTORMY Do you know what the timeline would be for a temporary contributory and how long it would allow me to stay. would it be worth going down that route and then apply for permanent?
  4. Daisy347

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    thank you, not what i wanted to read but what I expected. It does seem like I shan't be going which is very sad.
  5. Daisy347

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    thank you Tulip 1, yes I am aware they will need to be settled australian residents before they can sponsor me which takes 2 years for them but i am wondering if anyone knows how long my application is likely to take and what the chances are of it being accepted as I would love to get there before I become to decrepit to enjoy it.
  6. hi everyone I am new on here so bear with me if i make any mistakes but my only living family are moving to australia and want me to join them as soon as i can. I am just 70 and fit and healthy with funds to buy house (eventually) and medical ins etc so not looking for any handouts. I am getting conflicting advice about how long these visas are taking and what the chances are of being accepted and obviously the thought of being left on my own over here is upsetting but if I can't get a visa then i have no choice but to come to terms with itl. Does anyone know what the situation is for aged contributory visa timeline once I have applied? Thank you for your patience