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  1. thebigmove2018

    Stamp duty

    Hi there, I found this forum amazing when we were doing our PR and now we are thinking about buying a house. Im a bit clueless about the stamp duty situation and all the add ons besides the mortgage. Seems like its going to be alot more costly than getting a decent deposit together. Is there any leeway on the 20% deposit. We don't want to build and we are first time buyers in oz. Also can anybody recc a good mortgage broker and any advise from experience is welcome
  2. thebigmove2018

    moving with teenagers

    thanks for your input, we intend to validate our visa on a holiday in November anyway and wont move for 12/18months (at the moment they are nearly 15 and 16)due to the girls sitting exams and a personal reason. so they will have the visa validated before we make the big move anyway, i just don't want to leave them behind and for me that's not really an option, i think i will be ok-ish if they decide to come back after x amount of time and decide its not for them, however am i supposed to bring them kicking and screaming either. when we lived in oz before they were gutted when we had to go home, i am probably over optimistic they will love it, it has been our dream for so long, 5 years ago this would have been so much easier.
  3. thebigmove2018

    moving with teenagers

    NSW, not sure where yet but we have to go to fulfil 190 criteria, we will be settling in Perth eventually, we have lived there before this has crossed my mind actually!
  4. thebigmove2018

    moving with teenagers

    first hurdle was to actually get the visa, which we did thank god, however we now have 3 reluctant teenagers, i dont know how to convince them we think it is best for our family, 2 of my girls are close to 18 so i'm hoping to ask them to give it a year and if they don't settle they can move home to my sister (which i am hoping would never happen ofcourse) i know that given time they would settle and make friends and move on (like naturally kids tend to do when they leave school and all choose different paths of life, college apprenticeships, jobs etc), ofcourse at their age their friends are the most important to them. im just looking for advise or input from anybody that has been here.
  5. thebigmove2018

    190 granted this morning

    Electrician General. lodged 1st March, CO contact 4th June, Granted today!!
  6. thebigmove2018

    190 granted this morning

    just want to shout it from the rooftops. spent a few years in Perth on 457 visa, but home since 2014 and regret not doing 186 ENS, so thrilled for our future, its been a long road to get this far. We want to settle in Perth but will have to fulfil our 190 first and do 2 years in NSW. just so happy today
  7. thebigmove2018

    Subclass 190 visa group

    Hi all, patiently waiting for a visa grant, 190 NSW applied, general electrican, Visa applied 01/03/18, recieved CO contact on 04/06/18 requesting form 80, medicals, PCC. each morning i wake im checking immiaccount and email just to be sure. taking over my life
  8. thebigmove2018

    190 visa lodged inform CO of change of job

    i submitted 190 visa in March, i am not claiming any points for current work experience, however i changed jobs after i submitted my visa application, moved employer end of April. i was reading on another forum i should notify CO or DIBP that i change jobs, also i never included current Payslip as i didnt think i had to as i was not claiming points in this position, i have had CO contact already and only ask for form 80 pcc and medicals. i put current employer on form 80. advise welcome
  9. thebigmove2018

    Proof needed for de facto on 190 /489??

    we have 4 children together and still provided evidence of our relationship. i submitted joint bank statements, travel itinery, utilities in both names, family photographs and emails between us. i was also a secondary applicant on a 457 visa a few years ago also and submitted the same as above with no issues or questions asked. Hope that helps