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    Transferring FROM 457 visa TO working holiday visa

    As I have had a 457 visa, is it more of an automatic process that the visa be granted? This was the case with a friend of mine who got hers within 2 hours of applying. I may be able to leave and additional day or two. But hoping I won't need them.
  2. Hi there, I will be finishing employment with my sponsor next week and I wish to transfer from my sponsored 457 visa to a working holiday visa. I have never had a working holiday visa and plan to travel to New Zealand the weekend to apply for the 417 visa. I am Irish. I can only leave 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) for my 417 visa to be processed as I am still working during the week. Are there any issues I may face? I've heard of a lot of peoples 417 visas being processed in a few hours. Does this only happen Monday - Friday? Can I work my notice with my sponsor on a 417 visa instead of the 457? Thanks in advance for any advice with this!