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  1. Daybreak13

    Ping ponging back

    Hi, yes we're going back to the same area, as our son wants to be back with his friends and its a very good school. I remember talking to you just before we moved Ali, 11 years ago. The job is the most major thing we have to worry about , so once he gets one we can be settled again. I do think my hubby needed to do this even though it has for the rest of us been quite traumatic. xx
  2. Daybreak13

    Ping ponging back

    Hi, No we haven't settled and are on a plane back to Perth on the 13th. Really looking forward to going home. We've tried everything to settle but to no avail and know its been the wrong decision. We've been in WA for 11 years and it does feel more like home than being around where we grew up around family and everything we knew. Our son is looking forward to going back to a school that isn't locked like a jail, where you have the freedom to go to the toilets without having to ask for a special key because they've all been locked due to vandalism or set fire too, and also hanging out with his mates at break instead of being in a quad where yuo are watched like hawks so no fights break out. We are staying with friends till our flight saying see ya soon to our pooch who cannot come till January due to quarantine shutting down over Christmas. Looking forward to seing our older son whom we left at Uni and has coped marvelously without us but is looking forward to being back home with us. We just have to now find hubby a job , he has plenty of applications in so hoping for some good news. Thanks for being there Xx
  3. Daybreak13

    shipping back to Aus from uk and extra

    Hi , We have done, they are just being slowwwwwww. Had a quote for the extra items from another company but they werent very forthcoming on the tax and duty for it.
  4. Hi . Just wondering about turning shipping container around as soon as it has arrived dock side. Has anyone done this? Weve realised we've made a mistake and want everything to go back. We also have extra items to go back, and realise we might have to pay tax and duty on them . Any one got any idea of where i can find this information out. Thanks
  5. Daybreak13

    Returning to Aus

    Even if it was months?
  6. Daybreak13

    Returning to Aus

    If we decided to go back to Oz earlier than our dog and friends looked after him for us does that affect anything?
  7. Daybreak13

    Stressed and confused

    Hi ,thanks, My husband was being bullied in his job and so a lot of other staff. They've mainly walked too. My husband tried for 2years without success in finding a new job. Like I said I wasn't sure just before we left. Think mainly it was my husband driving us as he was so unhappy. This might have even needed to be done for his sake to show him what we had. He's struggling here also and feels it was a bad decision. We did research on housing. We thought we could afford to rent there but the estate agents say no. So what can you do against them. I feel as though my decision is made . My son's seem to be also. Just waiting to find out how my husband feels when he gets back. If we were all in one place I don't think it would have made much difference. After being here 3 days hubby wanted to return. And we were together then. Thankyou for all your input, yesterday was a real bad day for me
  8. Daybreak13

    Ping ponging back

    Is it to soon to know after 6weeks wether or not you've made a huge mistake leaving Aus. Do U really ever settle when you go back to Aus. To us it feels more like home than the UK. So confused, distressed.
  9. Daybreak13

    Stressed and confused

    Hi. We've moved back from Perth 6weeks ago. Everything seems to have gone wrong. We are all miserable. Even the pooch seems a bit down. We think we might want to go back. Hubby got a job after being unhappy in his employment in Aus for the last 2years. The job is down south Nr Portsmouth. WE couldn't find anywhere to live, seemed priced out. So instead of going to my friends like I said I would we came up north to my mum's. Hubby has to travel back down south to do his job 3days a week. We have this week rented a property to have our space because my mum just keeps saying we have to get on with it. We are not used to being apart and hate it. We have left our 19 yr old back in Aus to finish Uni. His choice. Our 13yr old hates his new school and everything around here.He was only 3 when we left the first time and doesn't remember much. It was a family decision to come back. I had my doubts just before we left. My mum keeps saying we've got to settle and our son will too.Shes also pushing to get him into air cadets to get him to settle in and make friends. Is 6 weeks to short a time to know if you've made a big mistake. Sorry for the long post. Feeling miserable,and as though no one is listening about how we feel. Keep telling us we've just got to get on with it doesn't help. We are also worried about our pooch and sorting him to go back. Just in case but I feel we will.
  10. Daybreak13

    Returning to Aus

    Hi. We arrived with our baby Boomer a 2.5yr old Golden Retriever. In May. We haven't settled back here in the UK and seem to be getting more distraught as the days go by. So we are thinking of returning. We know it takes a while for Boomer to return .We are just trying to figure out what we have to do first . We've just been sent round in circles from Defra to the vets and back again. Boomer had his anti rabies on the 8th April in Aus. What comes next in the UK to return him Thanks Dawn