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  1. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    So that means even I have all the evidence that shows that I was not illegally in the country and I even have an e-mail from the college where they admit their mistake that they forgot to report me to the DIBP there is no chance the ban can be waived??? That is s so hard to believe.
  2. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    I'm pretty sure I have a ban. I just copied a few sentences from the refusal notification from the e-visitor visa: "I have summarised the applicant’s claims below: The main purpose of my trip to Australia is to visit my boyfriend and his family in Sydney. The applicant’s claims have been carefully considered and I am not satisfied that the documents provided by the applicant demonstrate a compelling circumstance affecting the interests of Australia or compassionate or compelling circumstances affecting the interests of an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. As the application for an eVisitor visa was not made more than three years after the applicant’s visa was cancelled, and the applicant’s request for a waiver of the Public Interest Criterion 4013 risk factor has been declined, the applicant does not meet Public Interest Criterion 4013." I'm just wondering if I still have a chance to appeal it..
  3. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    So here is the detailed story: 2016 I was in Australia on a student visa. When I decided I want to leave the country I told my college and signed the official document which says that the college will inform the DIBP about my withdrawal. Anyway after leaving Australia in October 2016 I started a new job at home. In July 2017 I received an email from the DIBP with the subject “Notification of cancellation student visa”. I did not read the email any further cause I was assuming that is the final document that just shows that I cancelled my visa back then. Maybe that was a little bit naive but when you know you did the right thing why would I expect anything bad. Roughly six months later I applied for a tourist visa. By the time I wasn't aware of the ban. 2 weeks later I found out along with the rejection of the tourist visa application. After that I got all the docs together that could proof that I wasn't illegally in the country (work contract, flight tickets, passport stamps etc) and sent it to the DIBP. I thought it was worth a try cause it proved that I didn't do anything wrong. But they still rejected the tourist visa and totally ignored the proofs. So the ban is still in place.
  4. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    Cause I tried to apply for a tourist visa and did not get it.
  5. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    I have enough proof to show that I haven't done anything wrong. My question is where can I appeal it? Australian embassy or directly at the DIBP?
  6. caro26

    3 year re-entry ban

    Hi there, does anyone know if there is a way to appeal a 3 year re-entry ban? In my case the college where I studied did not report me to the DIPB. Thanks for any advice!!!