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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has successfully applied for a credit card in the last...year or so? Wen we were living in Aus 10yrs ago we had a NAB credit card. We still have our NAB accounts, with some money in etc. But NAB now say they don't give CC to temp visa holders.. I will pass any means tests required, income etc. but looking for any good deals people may have found? The search continues.. G'day
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    Credit card for Temp Visa 489 holders

    Thanks guys, I'll check those out.
  3. Hello, I am looking to appeal to the Aus immigration powers, to lay oit the scenario that we have found ourselves in and I thought there may be more power in numbers. So our visa went active August 2019 and we we arranged to move in May 2020. If you are in a similar situation you will know that the first entry date rule has been waived, but that doesn't stop us 'losing time' available to build up to apply for permanent residency. I have seen that recently there have been some concessions applied to assist (some) who have been in the country and not quite attained the full application requirements and it is my intention to try and make plain my/our issues and hope that some relevant consessions will be made to suit our circumstance. So, please only join in here if you fit this scenario. All the best Darren
  4. Glad to hear your good news (options are always good) Hmmm, I'll try and answer succinctly. We left because I was made redundant. We chose to apply where my wife could fit the requirements for application for (189)/ 489. Skilled visa. There is so much more to story, but ignoring the annoying fate/bad luck parts and concentrating on the positive aspects. Our 1st son was born in Rockhampton. He was nearly 1 when we had to leave, but it doesn't feel right that he can only visit his birth home country as a tourist. So we commited to returning, for all our sakes. Queensland is brilliant and I have seen a lot of it. But 4 years of Truman show esq blue skies, sweltering heat and 12 hour long days kinda wears you down. That's to say that there are barely any seasons in Qld and we love to ski/snowboard and wear jeans and jackets from time to time! So S.A. had us on their skills list and it's another interesting adventure to have. Not to mention the length of the days changes through the year! (Yeah you can bbq everyday in QLD but you have to be cooked up by 6pm, or the mozzies and the dark getcha) Maybe that helps? Look, if you ever wanted a zoom/skype/fb/whatsapp..... chat, we'd be available. Hope you're well
  5. It's official. 3 years ADDED to the expiry date of our 489 visas. I haven't recieved any email or contact, but you can confirm by checking into the VEVO portal, using your visa grant number and passport no. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/already-have-a-visa/check-visa-details-and-conditions/check-conditions-online Gooday
  6. That is good to know, I have been away from Oz for 6years. We were in N Queensland and would be returning to S.A., Adelaide area. I certainly won't argue with what @Marisawright states above. However Oz has not suffered with the recessions and austerity measures that the UK has seen through most of my 42years. It seems and feels to me, a more stable and affluent country, on the whole.
  7. @jo.b hmm, well maybe you are aware of the stages of grief..? We have run the gamut ob losing Aus as our plan. Bereavement is the best example I think. Well we got on with living instead of making plans.. And have felt great doing so. We absolutely love where we have ended up. The Auvergne region of France has super affordable houses and small ski resorts, it's awesome. What isn't awesome is brexit and the visas required to be allowed to work and earn, even if you work remotely, say in the UK but are living in France.. Well we want to integrate and pay tax etc. It's just very difficult to get legitimate.. Ironically I am an Aus visa holder with the right to work, (obv) and my work skills are desired in Aus, so am about to head over there to earn some income... Which is how I stumbled upon this news about extension. My mindset is that I will (we will) regret it if we don't take the opportunity, as it has been presented. So I am all for going for it anyway. And even though we have blown most of our capital on a french house, you can't (realistically) buy/own in Aus until you have your Permanent Residency anyway, which gives you time to get financially started... In the long run, I would like to think I would have bought a place in Europe/France anyway... Aus is amazing in so many ways, but historic culture is something to visit Europe for, (and many other regions, of course) I don't know what your job interests are, but it has been our experience that there are many lucrative options in Aus. We were there for 4 years previously and easily saved up deposit money. While living the high life and paying rent etc. I wish you luck in your decision, get to rewatching those 'wanted down under shows' eh!?
  8. OKAY! so a lot has happened for us*, but I just happened to come across the announcement that 489 visa's are to be extended for 3 years! I hope that is positive news for all? some questions need clarifying answers, such as 'is the extension added to your visa end date, or is it 3 years from 16th Feb 2022' ... *We had given up on Aus and moved to France, bought a house and the kids are in French speaking school.... oops/ohlala
  9. Having read this https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887#Eligibility And waded/skimmed through the link that jo .b posted (the legal document) i think there is nothing new to offer. And by that I think our situation is yet to be catered for. The big problem is that the consessions appear to be retrospective only, ir you HAVE to plan to leave the country to lodge your application, which is technically a possibility, but in reality not practical, assuming you have a life, jobs, schools on the go...
  10. Sure, you are right, but if we manage to complete the requirments to apply for the PR (887) visa I am possibly/likely to need a bridging visa while that application is processed (between 12-18months)
  11. Some good responses and well informed people, it kind of warms my heart a little just you know you all exist. The budget information is interesting, but not super relevant for me, as applying for a follow up visa feels like a stretch, since my wife and I turned 40 after this application. Hence why I would just like to lay our our collective situation to those in the position to make any adjustments they might see fit to. I've recently boned up on the use of bridging visas, assuming a close call appling for PR (2yrs residency and 12mnths work) Darren
  12. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/already-have-a-visa/check-visa-details-and-conditions/see-your-visa-conditions# ahhh, very good, I think I found the information you were referring to. for 489 State nominated, then there doesn't seem to be the 'who arrives first' condition... time will tell. thank you all for the helpful conversation D
  13. I am wondering if, once our visa has be offered/granted, I (partner not lead applicant) can enter and activate my visa alone, before my wife (lead applicant)? Reasons for doing this would be to work and set up house, car etc before she and kids arrive. She may alsp have a longer notice period leaving work. Any thoughts or experience on this?
  14. I am not afraid of a bit of reading, maybe you can remember where you read about this/or any clues? I agree it seems like the most obvious and logical approach for the lead to 'lead', but it would be useful to know for sure. thanks. D
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    Family unit evidence

    Hi there, I am about 90% complete with my/our application and I am uploading the evidence and document scans etc. I find myself confused and a bit stuck with the Family unit evidence area. My wife is the lead applicant and requires no evidence [Family unit] I have uploaded, my Marriage certificate and our joint mortgage statement... BUT our 3yr old son has very little paperwork to support this aspect. This is what the 'Help' has to say ..... Provide evidence that you are a member of a family unit. This may include a certified copy of your family book/household booklet/family composition or adoption document. Information about which family members are considered to be a 'member of your family unit' for migration purposes is available on our website. I have never heard of these documents [ignoring the adoption document, which is irrelevant to us anyway], are we expected to pay for a Genealogist to create a family tree or something?? if I leave the subject 'blank' will I a) be able to complete and submit the application? b)be requested to provide this so called 'required' documentary evidence later? Hoping for some of your usually helpful guidance D
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    Family unit evidence

    Yes his Birth certificate does list us [Mother and Father] I already uploaded this under the other relevant area, 'proof of age/identity' I called the helpline 'Immi - Home affairs, help/support' - they said 'just upload whatever you can that you feel is relevant, we will always contact you to request more if required' Sadly the person on the end of the phone has access only to the same info that is available to me on their website. Not really useful when you require an experienced opinion...
  17. Hi there, Next year we will (hopefully) be receiving our 489 visa for SA. I came to Aus on a 457 visa a few years ago and worked Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) in Queensland. Made redundant we've returned to the UK and have just receives the invitation to apply for the 489 skilled state nominated visa. My wife is the lead applicant for this. I have read the limitations for the 489 and they indicate that we will be expected/limited to working in the rural area (in this case anywhere in SA) with this visa. So here is the question. If I work for a company whose Head Quarters are based in SA, but I work in both SA and say WA and or QLD in the field, would this be acceptable do you think? My wife would not be 'bending' the visa location rules and would likely be fulfilling the intended economic invitation to work and settle in SA. Thanks for your time and input on this subject.
  18. Dazspy

    FIFO interstate work on a 489visa (partner)

    Thank you for giving me the facts and some direct links to the resources, it is much appreciated. Incidentally, I must thank you for the responses and this community, it really does help to reduce the burden of responsibility on me, knowing I can have access to this great group of people.
  19. Hi, I have just received the invitation to apply for the 489 visa, I know this is a different visa but my question is related to the medicals in particular. First of all, where are people going to get their Medicals? [UK] Second, what is the process for organising the medicals, I have read about the 'Health Declarations' process, but this seems to be for those that want to organise Medicals BEFORE an invitation? I have read on this thread 'Front Loading' which I assume means uploading the Medicals, before they are requested? Our situation is that we are expecting a baby March next year and I would like to leave the 'window' for arrival into Aus as wide as possible, which means not rushing the medical [and police checks]. I suppose this means.. wait for the CO to request our medicals? I also don't want to fall foul of the '60 days' visa submission window. lots of questions, thanks for you time! Darren
  20. This may come off as a stupid sounding question, forgive me. I am assuming you mean a case officer that represents the immigration dept ?(we are not using an agent) I have heard the term 'application ready' (or it may have been 'submission ready'?? I can't quite recall) which I took to mean having all of our documents ready BEFORE even being invited to apply. Is your advice to not get medicals until after even submitting a visa application ?(once invited)
  21. Well that has clarified the process (and that it applies across many/all visa types) I have already applied for and received our police checks, but not medical. Based on the information here, it seems the smartest thing to do is not to get the medical 'early'(before invitation) and to reapply for police certs, extending our window for arrival/activation. I have read that there is almost no circumstance where extensions are granted (on this forum) My interest in this aspect of the process is borne of the situation that we are expecting a baby to arrive in March next year... in reality the visa timeline shouldn't be affected by a baby's arrival and ability to travel. It's just the proposition of making the journey there and back with a new born and a 4yr old!
  22. I think by reading this forum thread I have my answer, however.. I am applying for a 190 via SA, we have only just submitted our EOIs, so are a fair way off any result. Does the 190(PR) follow the general rules I have read here? Namely that you must 'activate' the visa/s before 12 months after your earliest medical/police check? Up until now I had assumed there would be no activation required and that the visa would be 'active' upon issue.
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    EOI to invite to apply-how long?

    I'm assuming there is no access to a resource that shows any numbers for regional 190 visas? Even historical data?