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  1. Cant stop checking the immi account knowing their is some movement In the visas. Fingers crossed some of us might get that golden email soon.
  2. Is mind boggling how they have jumped a few months. I havent even had a RFI or nothing.
  3. I know I get all that just disappointed all kind of thoughts running through my head with different emotions. It's hard to hear that everyone else is getting 12 months on the 500 but he gets 3 months as well I dont understand why they do that. I'm just hoping that within the 3 month he gets his 309/100
  4. Absolutely gutted today my husband has been let go of work, was sent an email saying no longer needed and no 7 days notice or nothing. Generally we applied for his 600 (3months) and then decided he should just stay here and keep working and send me money for house etc.... no hes no job I'm leaving next mo day 20th we booked him flights for the 6 feb to come over on the 600 visa so he can sort kids out for school and get in routine and I need to go to work to support us all. Now I'm worried in case hes in oz for 3 month and no 309/100 and then has to come back to scotland for god knows how long and I'm worried incase me working and kids dont work out and I dosnt all work out. I'm freaking out, worried, feel sick and peed off this visa is taking forever. Still no rig either. Applied 17th june 2019
  5. @TBD congrats. I'm hoping for the same thing get granted temp and then perm for my husband. we applied june so hoping for a quick couple of weeks that they boost through the visa applications. Good luck on your new life in oz
  6. @mpcc could u let me know what the different colours mean on the form some are orange. Is that one that are taking over a year etc just so I can keep it going x
  7. @Ayrlogan yeah I will upload it, it wasnt me that suggested Google I wouldnt know how to do that. Sorry if u can do it though would be great.
  8. I'm gutted that every o e who's applied for the 600 visa has got 6 or 12 months and my husband only got 3 mo ths
  9. @mppc I downloaded the spread sheet and turned you green I dont mind updating the spread sheet and taking over till mines has been granted.
  10. @mppc congrats well done have a great life in oz xxx
  11. Same so fed up looking at my immi account 20 million times a day, everytime I see an email I just get that wee bit excited to be totally kicked by the teeth with an email from beauty bay, rac or whatever. Started unsubscribing from everything so the only email I get is from the visa lol
  12. I have no idea I'm an australian citizen and so r the kids just waiting gone hi partner visa coming. I sent all the documents and a letter stating that we would benefit him coming over to help support me into work and kids and that he helps me with my mental health sometimes with my anxiety etc. But only got 3 months. Maybe cause hes due his partner visa soon. What was your reason for applying and getting the 12 mo this I'm so gutted x
  13. I know sucks, hears of people getting them for 6 months and 12 months. But nope not us our luck is never great. Wish the emails would come in soon though