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  1. Same we booked Bali but canceled. Yeah we heard that they may allow flights to nz hopefully. Its just a pain we have till June before more documents but I freaked out and we got told that the documents and visa is on hold so may the medical police check etc might give us a few months extra when expired.
  2. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone is in the same position as me and my husband. We're currently in oz me and kids have our australian passports, but my husband can here on a visitor visa got his email to leave to be granted his 309/100 and we booked him to Bali for 5 days then of course it got canceled. Now with everything trying to get back to normal here in oz WA he wants to try and leave and come back so he can work does anyone have any info that there came across and managed to leave to come back. He's currently now on a bridging visa waiting on another visitor visa.... bloody more money tip to anyone here applying for another visitor visa again the price goes up from $100 odd dollars to $365 it's shocking money after money...
  3. Yeah my husband is and he's to leave so wee booked a flight to Bali for Friday and sir Asia cancelled it. Apparently the government is aware of this but their is nothing in place. My husband's medical and police check run out in July and was told they can't freeze it and he will need to do his medical and police e check here and then upload again and wait to be told to leave again. Spent all day yesterday on the phone utter nightmare
  4. Hi everyone just to say I received our golden email husband has been granted his visa. Needs to leave Australia before 9/6/2020 so booked to Bali for 29th March returning 3rd all the hard work done. Lodged 17 June 2019 Front loaded Rfi 18 Febuary 2020 Granted 11 March 2020
  5. Hi guys wondering howblong everyone gets their visa after theor RFI. I know some people have been granted without an RFI but for the ones who have been asked then granted roughly how long didbitvtake thank you. X
  6. Got my RFI today applied June 17. Immi account now sitting at further assessment. Hoping it gets granted soon. Husband now in Australia on a subclass 600, applied for bridging visa a on Monday 10th February. Hoping I Get golden email soon...!!!
  7. Did u have to wait till the 651 Visa ended? Did he get the bridging visa to work that's what we applied for.?
  8. Confused please help my husband has arrived in Australia on his subclass 600 visa and now immiaccount is giving us the option foe a bridging visa b. Has anyone else applied for this and how does it work I have no idea. Thanks congrats to everyone with their grants. X
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone can help. My husband is coming over on his visa 600 and to Australia today and was wondering if I need to let immiaccount know change of address or details has anyone else done this before. Thanks. And congrats to everyone receiving their visas we have had no to as yet or a visa grant but fingers crossed something will happen soon. 🦘
  10. Cant stop checking the immi account knowing their is some movement In the visas. Fingers crossed some of us might get that golden email soon.
  11. Is mind boggling how they have jumped a few months. I havent even had a RFI or nothing.
  12. I know I get all that just disappointed all kind of thoughts running through my head with different emotions. It's hard to hear that everyone else is getting 12 months on the 500 but he gets 3 months as well I dont understand why they do that. I'm just hoping that within the 3 month he gets his 309/100
  13. Absolutely gutted today my husband has been let go of work, was sent an email saying no longer needed and no 7 days notice or nothing. Generally we applied for his 600 (3months) and then decided he should just stay here and keep working and send me money for house etc.... no hes no job I'm leaving next mo day 20th we booked him flights for the 6 feb to come over on the 600 visa so he can sort kids out for school and get in routine and I need to go to work to support us all. Now I'm worried in case hes in oz for 3 month and no 309/100 and then has to come back to scotland for god knows how long and I'm worried incase me working and kids dont work out and I dosnt all work out. I'm freaking out, worried, feel sick and peed off this visa is taking forever. Still no rig either. Applied 17th june 2019
  14. @TBD congrats. I'm hoping for the same thing get granted temp and then perm for my husband. we applied june so hoping for a quick couple of weeks that they boost through the visa applications. Good luck on your new life in oz
  15. @mpcc could u let me know what the different colours mean on the form some are orange. Is that one that are taking over a year etc just so I can keep it going x