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  1. Hi Fellow applicants, Just want to share my timeline Applied trough skillselect on August 21st 2019, got invid=ted on Septemer 6th 2019. Applied for the visa on September 28th. (NT anzco 141111 65 points) Got first contact from the CO on January 28th 2020 asking for Form 80 (re upload as was not readable) Attached the required docs on January 29th 2020. Granted the visa on March 2nd 2020. Good luck to everyone
  2. I have been waiting a month since providing more docs, further assessment since then and no news
  3. Toryalis

    489 VIsa further assessment status

    Hei aziz, I hope so too, today marks 28 days so hopefully I’ll know something soon.! Good luck to you too will share any news here
  4. Hi Fellow applicants. I have applied for a state sponsored 489 visa on September 18th 2019. I have got invited on September 6th from NT, occupation Restaurant Manager 141111 with 65 points. Health Clearance provided, as long with police clearances and all supporting docs. Case officer contacted me on January 28th asking for a new copy of form 80 (was not readable). Submitted on January 29th. Status changed to further assessment on January 29th. Since then no news at all. Anyone in the same situation? How long is going to take to the Case Officer to get back to my case? I am starting to stress as I am on a bridging visa for a previous visa refusal (186, Nomination did not get approved) and I am afraid I will run out of time Thanks
  5. Toryalis

    Visa 491 - Northern Territory

    I did receive invitation for the 489 (sept) within a week. Have a few friends here in Darwin who applied for 491 but have not received nothing. Do you have the required 6months upfront?
  6. Toryalis

    489 VIsa further assessment

    Everything is there. Form 80 was already uploaded but was not in the correct format. Today are 2 weeks since I have submitted the new one. Fingers crossed
  7. Toryalis

    489 VIsa further assessment

    Hei fellow applicants.. Just want to share my timeline. Applied for 489 visa on 18th Sept 2019. First contact by CO on January 28th (asked to submit a higher resolution form 80). Submitted on 29th. Since then my application says Further Assessment. Any idea how long it would take to get the application finalised? I know I know we can not know... but I thought someone here got the same situationa and can share the timeline
  8. I would not ask for the CO, I know it’s hard to wait and wait (same boat here) but I have decided not to pressure her, as I don’t want to end up on her bad side
  9. Toryalis

    Type 2 Diabetic is a reason for PR rejection

    A good friend of mine got Dt2 and she got her PR granted and cityz too
  10. Toryalis

    489 to 887

    Hei fellow applicants, I have a question regarding the 489 visa. Once my visa is granted to be eligible for 887 visa, the conditions I have to satisfy are have lives in the specified regional area for 24+ months have worked full time for 12+ months my question is, do I have to work in my specified field or can I work anywhere to be eligible?
  11. Toryalis

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Restaurant manager.. received from June 2017... starting to wonder if we’ll ever get anywhere
  12. Toryalis

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    kashif not for me mate, how long have you been waiting for?
  13. Toryalis

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Basically over the past 2 weeks all my friends who were waiting recived their grant.... I’m officially one of the last 2017 standing in line