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  1. Dreamer 11

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    I am a landscaper and was nominated by Northern Territory however I have been offered a job in Adelaide in SA which I have accepted. My visa grant is regional to Australia not just the Northern Territory so this is allowed.
  2. Dreamer 11

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Just got Visa Grant in today! December 4th! Can't wait to fly out now in February!
  3. Dreamer 11

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Hi There, Thought I'd join the 489 gang. My visa was lodged on 30th May 2018, Medicals were finalised on October 22nd 2018. So just waiting patiently now........
  4. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Thanks Paul. Really helpful information. Cheers, Gordon
  5. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Thanks very much for all the suggestions. They have been a very useful guide.
  6. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Thanks everyone! There is just so many little suburbs its hard to decide where!
  7. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Hi There, I have just been granted my nomination for a Skilled Worker Regional Visa by NT government. We were initially planning on moving to Perth or Adelaide as we have family/friends there but NT gave us the sponsor. We are a bit clueless on the suburbs/areas in Darwin and any help or information would be appreciated. We have two young kids, one aged 3 and a baby coming up on a year old. Where would be the best suburbs for us looking to rent a 4 bedroom property? Ideally somewhere with good schools and plenty of parks. Thanks, G