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  1. dodagatta

    190 victoria cook

  2. dodagatta

    190 victoria cook

    Hi everyone, how long does it take for the case officer to give the result after submitting the documents? File was opened after 6months and the case officer asked for bank statements, payslips and superannuation. I have submitted all of them, so how long does it take for him to give the result? Anyone in the same situation? Thanks
  3. dodagatta

    190 visa granted today!!! What happens now?

    Hey amey, what sort of documents they asked for? Have you got your grant?
  4. dodagatta

    190 Victoria

    Hey ceejaykav, as you have submitted the additional information asked by home affairs, did u get any response from them?
  5. dodagatta

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Have u got the result?
  6. dodagatta

    190 Waiting Time to Hear From CO

    Congratulations....what was your occupation?
  7. I am currently holding a valid 457 visa which expires in last week of January 2019. I have lodged 190 application with department of home affairs and awaiting file to be opened. My wife is pregnant and due in December 2018. We wish to invite her parents to visit and be with us at least for 3 months to help us with the bub. Since its our first bub we would need them to stay with us for atleast 3 months if not longer. We intend to apply for the tourist visa in a few days to ensure we can have the parents visiting us on time for bub’s arrival. Questions - 1) Since our visa expires in Jan 2019, will our parents receive a visa for a longer period on the medical grounds? If yes, for what time frame can we request the visa? 6months? 1 year? 2) What documents do we need to submit while applying for their visa. They visited us in Dec 2017 for 3 months. Do we need to provide any additional documents from last time? 3) Do parents have to do a medical test if we need a visa for more than 6 months? Thanks & Regards.
  8. dodagatta

    Holding 457 while waiting on 190

    Thank you for the clarification provided.
  9. dodagatta

    Holding 457 while waiting on 190

    @wrussell - why would the bridging visa be cancelled when the 190 application is based on work experience. Thanks.
  10. dodagatta

    UAE police clearance

    It was 3 years back and thanks for the info. Hopefully the process has been changed.
  11. dodagatta

    UAE police clearance

    That was helpful rammygirl. Thanks
  12. dodagatta

    UAE police clearance

    Hi everyone, I m presently living in Melbourne and applying for PR shortly. I need to apply for UAE police clearance, can anyone explain the process please. I checked the online services as well but it's very confusing. On the website they are asking for fingerprints etc etc which is not possible from here.
  13. dodagatta

    Waiting for grant 190

    190 Victoria cook lodged on 6th June...waiting for grant
  14. dodagatta

    Subclass 190 visa group

    Any 190’s victoria got approval today??
  15. dodagatta

    Victoria 190 visa INVITATION

    3weeks in total