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  1. A little feedback from my MA, when I asked him if it is mandatory to have the docs certified by a Notary Public. There are two views on whether to submit colour scans of the originals or provide certified copies. Some case officers may accept colour scans of the originals and some do not. Some skills assessment authorities (for example, Engineers Australia) ONLY accept colour scans of the originals. Some skills assessment authorities (for example, Australian Computer Society) ONLY accept certified copies. Here is an example: https://www.expatforum.com/expats/australia-expat-forum-expats-living-australia/1023865-urgent-acs-did-not-accept-notray-public-attestation-lahore-pakistan.html Some US presidents (like Trump) ban muslims from certain countries to enter US while other presidents (Like Obama) did not. The question is whether you will get a case officer with the views of Trump or Obama? No one can tell. Your friend might have got a person like Obama. While some case officers may not accept colour scans, no case officers can say that they will not accept certified copies. Hence, submitting certified copies is the safe thing to do. We have submitted certified copies of the documents so far and we have got no issues at any time with any case officers. No investigations, no natural justice letters so far. Some people make fake currencies and fake passports. Hence, creating fake documents is easy. India and Pakistan are high risk countries in terms of bogus documents and misleading information (for Australian immigration). Even registered migration agents from these countries do submit bogus documents: Please see: https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/punjabi/en/article/2017/01/31/indian-migration-agent-wife-stand-trial-running-fake-marriage-scam Hence, some case officers do not trust Indians or Asians. Getting a certified copy helps the case officer as they can rely on the responsibility of the Notary public, who certified that it is a true photocopy of the original. Hence, the case officer need not worry about the genuineness of the documents. If there is contact information of the notary public (for example, mobile phone number), it gives additional confidence. If they want, they can call the notary public to ask whether he has seen the originals. Two candidates, who submitted the colour scans of originals (they submitted their application on their own) are met with the natural justice letters as the Department started suspecting on their cases. To answer your question, it is not mandatory to get certified copies with the contact details of the notary public. At the same time, it is not mandatory for all the case officers to accept the copies that are not certified and grant you the visa. If the case officer that you get do not trust the documents, they can initiate their investigation, which may lead to a natural justice letter and visa refusal, if they find some inconsistency with your application. Our clients in the last 7.5 years did not get any natural justice letters due to the fact that we submit all documents in correct order.
  2. Kaleem

    190 Tasmania

    Did you apply for state sponsorship to a specific state as well? I got my state sponsorship invite on 70 points (65+5)
  3. Kaleem

    190 Tasmania

    I see. well fingers crossed, I hope it doesn't take as long as it says on the website and we get direct grant after CO review. Gud luck to you as well
  4. Kaleem

    190 Tasmania

    Hi everyone, I received the 190 invitation from Tasmania on 15th August 2018 and applied for visa on 10th October 2018. Police checks were done in advance (I had to get police certificates from four different countries) but medical has not been done yet. I want to know that if I get my medical done a couple of months late (closer to 1st CO contact which is presumably somewhere near 3 months mark ) will it effect my application's validity i.e. will it push my application back in the queue or will it remain at the same place. Please Guide Thanks in advance
  5. Kaleem

    Employment evidence for 189 visa

    Sue, may I ask something as well. Do I have to provide evidence for the work experience that I am not claiming points for? In my EOI, I have mentioned my current work experience but I selected the option that it is not relevant to my occupation (Mechanical Engineering). The reason being, I cannot provide salary slips and tax certificates for this job. Because of this, my overall experience duration has dropped below 3 years hence I am not claiming points for work at all. But i was able to score 65 points without it and received state nomination. Also, Do I need to provide evidence for the any work experience which is relevant to my occupation, although I am not claiming points for work?
  6. Kaleem

    Notary Public Attestation

    Ok, Now I understand. Lovely place Scotland. Lived there for a year in Dundee
  7. Kaleem

    Notary Public Attestation

    No I understand that you are in Australia, but what I meant to ask originally was that If you are from Pakistan.
  8. Kaleem

    Notary Public Attestation

    Are you from Pakistan Toots?
  9. Kaleem

    Notary Public Attestation

    Thank for your reply. I have already got my invite from Tas and now preparing for visa application. I asked my agent about this and he gave me a very long reply, which in essence was that it is for the security of the application, as case officers do not reject notary public attested copies, whereas for normal color scans of original, they can either start investigation or start refuse the visa.
  10. Kaleem

    Notary Public Attestation

    Hi, Is it mandatory to get the copies of all of your documents ( passports, birth certificates, employment references etc) attested by a Notary Public while applying for the skilled visa (190).? I have already got my docs attested by a Notary public, but my agent is insisting to get the contact details stamped on each paper. This can be a difficult task as most Notary public in Pakistan do not have a chamber or office, and they just sit on a make shift bench outside the court. Please guide me, as this issue is becoming very annoying. Thank You Kaleem
  11. Kaleem

    Police Certificate from Germany

    Thank you for the information. However there is some contradiction. The link you provided says that we can apply by fax as well as by post. whereas the official site of Fedrel office of justice in Germany says that application can only be sent by post. Can it be confirmed if we can aplly by fax. that would be much quicker and safer. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, Can someone please help me regarding getting a police certificate from Germany. I have read the information available on internet and on their official site, but has someone actually got the certificate from Germany? If yes, then please share the procedure and your experience. Any guidance will be appreciated. Regards
  13. Kaleem

    Contradiction in email and the invitation

    I applied under category 3(A ) Offshore applicant with job offer. My occupation is Mechanical Engineering
  14. Kaleem

    Contradiction in email and the invitation

    Today my agent contacted Tasmania State department to ask for this contradiction. Tas state department confirmed my doubts and replied that I received the 489 invite by mistake and I was indeed supported for a 190 visa. They have asked me to lodge a new EOI so they can link it to the invitation and a new 190 invite will be issued soon.
  15. Hello everyone I applied for Tasmania state sponsorship subclass 190 in June. On July 25th, I received an email from Tasmania state department, saying that they will be sponsoring my subclass 190 application. Moments later, I received another email with the title "Decision on your application". In this email they confirmed that I will receive an invitation form SkillSelect for subclass 190. However, when invitation arrived on the same date from SkillSelect, it was for subclass 489. Now I am confused. Is it a mistake, or the applicants who receive Tasmania state sponsorship only get subclass 489 invites? Shall I contact Tasmania and SkillSelect to get further clarification? Please help.