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  1. Kaleem


    I don't think there are any contact details, and also they do not comment on any ongoing application. I don't think there is anyway that you can just call them and inquire about the status of your application. You can contact them via the email they contact you through.
  2. Kaleem


    Case Officer
  3. Kaleem


    Hi Alka, Is it possible to call CO? I thought we can contact them via email only
  4. Kaleem

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Thanks, Alla the best to you too
  5. Kaleem

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    I see. Yes mine is on "further assessment" as well. Man, this wait is a killer. CO asked for medicals on 24th Dec, and we submitted it on 09 Jan. since then, have been checking email everyday. I applied for 190 TAS
  6. Kaleem

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Ok, thanks for your prompt reply. Wonder if you can answer one more question, what does "Further assessment" refer to in the application status?
  7. Kaleem

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Hi Alka, When you import the application, does the agent know that the application has been imported, or does the application get removed from agent's account? Thanks
  8. Kaleem

    190 visa

    Hopefully, good news will arrive soon
  9. Kaleem

    190 visa

    No, not yet. submitted Oct 10th, CO contact on 24th Dec for medicals. Submitted on 9th Jan, still waiting
  10. Kaleem

    190 visa

    Any October applicants got grant after CO contact????
  11. Kaleem

    IELTS help !

    May I suggest try sitting PTE. I tried IELTS twice for 20 pts but missed by 0.5 band in writing on both occasions. FInally I decided to give PTE a go (even though I had to fly to Dubai, because PTE does not have a set up in Pakistan) and Got 79+ score in first attempt. In my opinion, its worth a shot.
  12. Kaleem

    Tasmania 190 Nomination for dentist

    Usually people received Tas nomination within 2 months. I received mine in 6 weeks. Perhaps the time frames have changed.
  13. Kaleem

    190 visa

    190 TAS, Visa application submitted on 10/10/2018, CO contact on 24/12/2018, requesting medicals (PCCS front loaded), Medicals done on 09/01/2019. Now waiting for further contact. Fingers crossed
  14. Kaleem

    190 visa

    That's good to know. Have you also submitted separate state sponsorship applications for VIC and TAS, because these states do not automatically nominate you, you have to apply to them individually in order to be nominated.
  15. Kaleem

    190 visa

    Hi Mate I had the same breakdown and occupation , with 5 years work experience as yours, and as per my experience there is very slim chance of getting a 189 invitation with 65 points, and as for 190 or 489 you will have to apply individually to each state (with the exception of NSW I believe) to get an invitation. Some states demand that you must select them in your EOI instead of ANY while applying for state sponsorship (detailed information can be obtained from the websites of the respective states) Hope that helps