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  1. Kaleem

    Over 60s Immigration

    Thank you
  2. Kaleem

    Over 60s Immigration

    @Toots life is going good. We have met a lot of families here and made good friends. Davenport has turned out to be much better than we thought. Unfortunately we had a miscarriage with last pregnancy. But Mrs is expecting again so hopefully it all goes ok this time
  3. Kaleem

    Over 60s Immigration

    Thanks everyone for your responses. Much appreciated.
  4. Kaleem

    Over 60s Immigration

    Hi All, I am not sure if this is the right forum but throwing it out there. My uncle and his wife want to move to Australia. Both are french nationals, near their 60s and they want to move to Tasmania after retirement so they will be above 60 by then. I am pretty sure that they will not qualify for skilled migration at all but was wondering if there is any option available for them. Are there any visas available where they can immigrate to Australia after retirement. Thank you
  5. Kaleem

    PTE Academic ridiculous speaking score

    Pauses are one reason. Another reason can be the mic position. If you mic is sitting directly in from of your lips, it can register berating as well and that can cause the system to miss the words you are speaking. I was advised about this issue before taking the test and fortunately was able to score 90 each and 87 for speaking in first attempt. Funny thing is that in speaking, during repeat sentence, I was able to repeat only 4 sentences completely, rest were partially correct (but I didn't umm or aaa, i just kept speaking)
  6. Kaleem

    Moving to the uk - where to live

    based on personal experience, I would recommend living in a medium sized city like Manchester, Birmingham or Bradford. These cities have ample working opportunities as well as lower living cost and good transportation. I lived in London, Dundee and some areas in wales as well before settling in Manchester for 3 years between 2009 and 2012 (studied and worked there) and never had any real difficulty finding work. As far as living options are concerned it depends upon your personal preference and income. In Manchester you can find a decent apartment form 400-500 pounds/ month (we shared a four bedroom house for 550/month). But i guess that will depend upon your preferences, your income and the area you end up living in.
  7. Kaleem

    190 or 489? Help the newbie!

    yes, your points will change. and i think you will need to update your EOI. Also, if I am not wrong, 489 visa is going to be discontinued from Sept (I guess)
  8. Hi Green, I dont know if it helps, but i received my 190 invitation from Tas in 6 weeks, and then visa in 4 months (lodgemnent 11th october 2018, grant 18th Feb 2019)
  9. Kaleem

    Life in Devonport

    Thanks sakani. There are actually quite a few Indian/ sri lankan drs in almost all the medical centers in Devonport (although I belong to Non of these two countries) but East devonport medical center sounds like a good place. Lets see if they take us in.
  10. Kaleem

    Life in Devonport

    Yes i have taken my kid there a couple of times, but he is more interested to take a dip in sea, than the park I will try getting an appointment with East devonport next time, for now I have booked an appointment with Smart clinic.
  11. Kaleem

    Life in Devonport

    We are ready for the winter. We have braved the winters of Dundee, Northern Italy and Germany, so I believe winter in Devonport would be easily manageable . My employer booked a rental near Hillcrest primary before I arrived, its a nice house, a bit bigger than our needs, but its in a nice neighbourhood. My wife is taking it all pretty well, she likes it here as much as I do, and my little one is also very excited. We need to upgrade his immunisation record so he can start school, but its almost impossible to get an appointment at vally road. That the closest one to our place, but they are not taking any new patients. Plus, we just found out after arriving the we are expecting, yet another reason that we need to see a Dr ASAP.
  12. Kaleem

    Life in Devonport

    So its been 2 weeks since I arrived in Devonport. I thought I might give an overview of my impression of the city. It is a lovely city. Very friendly and approachable people. Neighbours usually say Hi to you and wave, when they see you.Weather, although unpredictable, has been nice overall. Days are usually pleasantly warm, but evenings and nights are colder (but that''s natural for autumn/ winter). One thing that is off putting (if you are coming from a big city) is that it is very very quite at night. Even at 9 in the night, most shops and restaurants are closed. However, one problem that we are facing is that we cant get an appointment 'with a GP who Bulk bills. The one's that bulk bill, aren't taking any new customers. So if anyone can help with that issue, we would much appreciate. @Toots you might be able to tell us of a GP that bulk bills in or around devonport. But other than that, my experience has been much better than I expected to be.
  13. Kaleem

    Finally Arrived. Thank you all

    Thank you Toots, Its a lovely place. Better than I expected. I have been working since I arrived so haven't had a chance to explore. but will do tomorrow
  14. Kaleem

    Finally Arrived. Thank you all

    The day is finally here. 1st morning in Devonport. Nice weather. night was a bit cold, but still bearable. Just want to thank all who helped and guided through the PR journey.