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    ACS RPL Route with Recently Awarded Degree

    Thanks for you reply @jonnyah2006 Yes exactly, if i go with RPL route ACS will deduct 8 years of my experience and i will get 10 points for Experience, that is the reason why i am waiting to complete 16 Years experience which i will be completing in coming August. In my case the assessment body ACS dont mention anything on the Final assessment paper, and people on other blog are saying i should check with VETASSESS Points Test Advice , if they say that i can claim 10 points for my education than i am eligible. But the problem is that there is no confirmed answer from anyone, and i need a confirmation otherwise all my RPL effort will go wasted.
  2. When i started my career i had only 12 Grade College Certificate. I am a self-taught guy and I have 15 Years of experience in Application Development, and I recently completed my “Associate Degree in Web Design and Development” which is equivalent to AQF Diploma 10 points, my confusion is if I go with RPL route with “No Tertiary Education” am I going to get 10 points for my post experience Education which I completed recently? Because if i am not eligible to claim my recently awarded degree points than in that case my points will drop down to 65 which are not sufficient i guess. I have read in other posts that people who got their degrees prior to their professional experience but insufficient relevant content they went for a points test advice from Vetassess, and they claimed their education points. But my case is different because i recently completed my degree. Please advise