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  1. Alltogethernow

    What happens during the Medical?

    Medical was easy-ish until the Doc' said my son had a heart murmur, a scan later, a month later, and all was good. ATN
  2. Alltogethernow

    Australia suspends Skilled Migration Until further notice

    When things 'change', they change their minds. ATN
  3. Alltogethernow

    Form 80

    Form 80 is one beast of a document! I remember filling it out in huge detail. Worth doing the best you can (on all other queries). ATN
  4. Alltogethernow

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    The man is lying. ATN
  5. Sorry for the depressing title! My wife and I were discussing this possibility last night. "What would happen to our 3 children if both of us died in a taxi home on a night out?"... (for example!) Has anyone on this planned for this, albeit unlikely, but possible, scenario? Do you nominate people to step in here, or take the children back in to the country of origin. If so, I'd like to know what you planned, and how you planned it. ATN
  6. What state are they hoping to be nominated by? ATN
  7. Alltogethernow

    Teacher visa after a break from the profession?

    I presume you are looking at State Sponsorship (Victoria) if applying under Primary Teacher? How many years' experience have you? ATN
  8. Alltogethernow

    Drink driving

    So the Police Check has not been submitted? ANT
  9. Alltogethernow

    State sponsorship work experience?

    I think it reads pretty explicitly, they're looking for 5 years work experience as a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care and Emergency field. Or did you add in the bracketed text? ATN
  10. Alltogethernow

    Occupation ceilings for the 2019-2020

    Interesting figures, thanks for sharing. ATN
  11. Alltogethernow

    Been here 10 years thought it’s time to tell my story

    Great story Paul. Good for you all. ATN
  12. Alltogethernow

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Nice one Paul, Oz awaits you! What state will you relocate to? ATN
  13. Alltogethernow

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    1) Climate 2) Opportunity 3) New beginnings 4) Let's see what happens 5) Dual Citizenship (Irish / Australian) 6) Adventure No regrets 18 months on! ATN
  14. Alltogethernow

    PR Granted

    Well done, you. ATN
  15. Alltogethernow

    Last minute jitters

    Don't let any minors dictate anything. It's not their choice, I'm afraid. We moved 16 months ago with 3 kids (8, 6 5) and we're all loving it. Their happiness will actually be somewhat linked to how 'involved' you get with their school, their new friends parents, any sporting scenarios that require extra curricular social inputs. Being brutally honest, if you show any weakness, they will pick that up, and you'll have a problem. We've had a ball here the last year and a half, everything has worked out and the best is yet to come, our kids have grown immensely at all levels - every morning I thank my lucky stars we made the move. ATN