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  1. Alltogethernow

    Occupation ceilings for the 2019-2020

    Interesting figures, thanks for sharing. ATN
  2. Alltogethernow

    Been here 10 years thought it’s time to tell my story

    Great story Paul. Good for you all. ATN
  3. Alltogethernow

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Nice one Paul, Oz awaits you! What state will you relocate to? ATN
  4. Alltogethernow

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    1) Climate 2) Opportunity 3) New beginnings 4) Let's see what happens 5) Dual Citizenship (Irish / Australian) 6) Adventure No regrets 18 months on! ATN
  5. Alltogethernow

    PR Granted

    Well done, you. ATN
  6. Alltogethernow

    Last minute jitters

    Don't let any minors dictate anything. It's not their choice, I'm afraid. We moved 16 months ago with 3 kids (8, 6 5) and we're all loving it. Their happiness will actually be somewhat linked to how 'involved' you get with their school, their new friends parents, any sporting scenarios that require extra curricular social inputs. Being brutally honest, if you show any weakness, they will pick that up, and you'll have a problem. We've had a ball here the last year and a half, everything has worked out and the best is yet to come, our kids have grown immensely at all levels - every morning I thank my lucky stars we made the move. ATN
  7. Alltogethernow

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Party time. Enjoy the build up to departure!
  8. Alltogethernow

    Heatwave in oZ

    Going to be a busy day at the local beaches tomorrow. ATN
  9. Alltogethernow

    Moved Back to the UK...6 Months on

    Look, you might have made a bad call going back, but all is not lost, I'd be making a move back here mate, sharpish. Make a promise to go back to the UK once a year to visit rellies. And stick to it. ATN
  10. Alltogethernow

    190 visa

    Yes, all good here! Loads of casual work and full time for those who look hard enough. Mornington Peninsula is very nice and breezy! Just popped you a private message also. ATN
  11. Alltogethernow

    Almost a year! Skills assessment

    Wow, that's a long wait! Hope it speeds up a bit for you. ATN
  12. Alltogethernow


    This will be our first Christmas south of the equator. Not a mention of Ireland, of cold Christmas' by anyone under this roof. Zero regrets. Fab, warm, not as retail centric (from our perspective) a lot less 'stress' - a nice buzz kicking in now. We've a tree up, will see Santa, kids have had loads to work seasonal artwork done in School etc ATN
  13. Wow, that's some increase. Explains a lot of the extra traffic around the place. B
  14. As someone who lives on the Mornington Peninsula. I can vouch for the area, it's a great place to live. B
  15. Alltogethernow

    189 Visa Application - Lawyer, Barrister, Solicitor

    Good for you, having been here a year on, we haven't looked back and everyday is like a dream come true. B