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  1. So pleased our Visas granted 16/11. Planning our travels now. Once again thank you to all the contributors who helped along this journey.
  2. Thank you , it was a very pleasant surprise and thank you for all advice and guidance I have read on this forum.
  3. 2nd VAC requested and paid today! Happy Days!!
  4. Morning All, 2nd VAC requested and paid this morning. Happy Days!
  5. Hello, Does anyone have a link to the "tracker" that someone kindly pulled together and posted once re. the number of applicants in each month? That was very useful and I now cannot seem to find anywhere? Thanks in anticipation!
  6. In our opinion this process was far too important for us and that is why we used a reputable agent.
  7. Hello we have been asked for further docs (March 16th) applied May 16th 2016