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  1. Klaudia

    482 to PR - Age and IELTS issues

    Thank you Guys for the replay. Unfortunately, I was expecting this answer. Our visa is still for 3 years. It will be hard for us to move back to our country. Especially, after such long time. We’ve been here 7 years. 3 years my husband got seriously sick and he had a surgery 2 years ago so we couldn’t apply for PR. Now he is fine and he is cured. What if I apply for 190 visa. Will be an option even he will be after 45? Thanks again.
  2. Hello again, My hubby and I are on 482 mid term visa. I'm 30 and he will be 45 in April this year. Will we be eligible to apply for PR as a steam entry after his 45? If so, does he still need to undertake IELTS and get 6.0 (always 0.5 point short in writing)? Thanks. Regards, Klaudia
  3. Hi Guys, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm a dependant on 482 visa who is planing to study master degree at Uni. Just wondering if I can study 100% online... Uni Education Adviser confused me a bit. Of course on the student visa, 100% online courses are not acceptable but what about 482 visa? I do not have any conditions on VEVO. Only info that I can study and that's it... Thanks in advance. Regards, Klaudia
  4. Klaudia

    457 granted for 1.5 years only

    Thank you for your message Imthedave. So happy for you that you got your PR after all. I wish we could apply for a renewal but it's not that easy. My husband was diagnosed with UC, even really bad symptoms he managed to work full time, but his employer expected of him to work more because he "gave us 457 visa". Unfortunately treatment didn't work out and in the middle of March my husband was hospitalised. He had a proctocolectomy and he is recovering now. He might go back to work in July. I talked to my hubby employer and he is not willing to apply for a renewal. Another thing is, as far as I know he hasn't paid for sponsorship training. The only option is to look for another sponsor but it is not easy, though.
  5. Klaudia

    457 granted for 1.5 years only

    Thank you very much Samson. I appreciate your opinion. I thought it couldn't be a problem to prove the business is the same but I might be wrong. Actually, only the part of the name changed but I reckon for CO it looked like a new name. However, structure, location and the rest stayed the same. Except ABN number. Such a mess. Definitely, we need more luck in Australia. We have been here for almost 5 years and will be so hard to move to Europe again.
  6. Klaudia

    457 granted for 1.5 years only

    Thanks for your opinion. That's correct Samson. Unfortunately, the visa was granted under the new ABN and new name. However, MA had all old documents to upload and it looks like he didn't do it. You're right. I should chase MA long time ago but when visa was granted I had a lot on my plate. My husband was diagnosed with UC and he was in very bad condition. It was such a hard time for us so visa was a last thing to think about it. I know it's the best thing but it's not easy to move forward. Belive me our case is so complicated because of this short visa.
  7. Hi everyone, Our visa was granted in February 2017 for only 1.5 years. We were very surprised but our agent explained that it is normal because business was treated as a new. We sent to our migration agent a Support Letter which explain that business has been running for almost 15 years by brothers. Unfortunately, couple of weeks before we applied one of the brothers passed away forcing wife to Business owner to redeem his place. Business name was changed and a new ABN number was given however address, name and operations stay as per normal. Probably all financial documents from past years were sent to agent by employer. My hubby worked there for 3 years at the time when we applied. At the beginning I thought maybe all our paperworks weren't enough to prove it but at the moment I'm pretty sure it was the agent fault. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to check it. Do you have any ideas how to do it? I wanna make sure everything was uploaded correctly. Why am I thinking this way? Our visa expires shortly so I tried to contact our agent. Unfortunately without any results. They don't answer my calls and call me back. It's much more stuff which went wrong after our visa was granted so I've been acting very suspicious now. Yesterday I imported the application on Immi Gov. I found out the Agent didn't attached any support documents for the business. It make sense because in August we sent Support Letter to our agent and 2 months after we received questions from a case officer regarding business. Everything what he asked for was included in the support letter. The Agency charged us a lot and I need to check if they made a mistake or not. Thanks in advance Regards, Klaudia