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  1. displaynameash

    457 expiring

    didnt anser all the questions
  2. displaynameash

    457 expiring

    Hi, My 457 will expire in a few months. I need stay on for 3 months so the kids can finish school. Do i need to apply for a tourist E visa while in the country and how long is it valid for ? Thanks
  3. displaynameash

    457 expiry kids need to finish study

    Hi, My current 457 visa expires in August I want my kids (17&21) to finish their study/exams which will be end of November. My question is whats happens after my 457 visa expires (uk citizen) & Do i need to apply for another visa for my kids to extend their stay for 3 months to finish off their studies or can they extend it another way ? thanks

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