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  1. displaynameash

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Everyone, Just checked my immi account and to my surprise after seeing received so many times it says finalised ! Please could you update the spreadsheet (Jan 18 /line 12/Rug) I wish everyone all the best this forum has been of great help ! Nom date: 12/01/18 Nom grant: 13/09/18 Visa Applied: 01/08/18 Visa Grant: 06/03/19 TRT LR VIC
  2. displaynameash

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Headover to Medicare and find out simple
  3. Hi Everyone , Moving back to England in a few months just wanted an idea of some good shipping companies i used crown when we came here and they were very professional. They did everything from dismantling furniture to packing everything. Any recommendations will be really appreciated, thanks !!!
  4. displaynameash

    Selling up

    why sell if things dont work out you have a home to go to ?
  5. displaynameash

    taking car back to UK

    Hi, I am thinking of taking my car back which i bought new and is paid off. I understand i would have to take a 40ft container instead of the 20 i was thinking off before. The prices i am assuming from forum posts seems to be 7-8k =20ft / 10k 40ft ?? My car is priced slightly higher in UK which may off set the container charges somewhat. The car has a round KM clock but also has a large digital speed display which i can change to mph. Would it still be necessary to change to the round dial to MPH ? Is it more expensive to insure overseas vehicle ? any other things i need to consider ? Thanks everyone !
  6. displaynameash

    457 expiring

    didnt anser all the questions
  7. displaynameash

    457 expiring

    Hi, My 457 will expire in a few months. I need stay on for 3 months so the kids can finish school. Do i need to apply for a tourist E visa while in the country and how long is it valid for ? Thanks
  8. displaynameash

    457 expiry kids need to finish study

    Hi, My current 457 visa expires in August I want my kids (17&21) to finish their study/exams which will be end of November. My question is whats happens after my 457 visa expires (uk citizen) & Do i need to apply for another visa for my kids to extend their stay for 3 months to finish off their studies or can they extend it another way ? thanks