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  1. I don’t think all hope is lost... I know of one 309 holder with a first entry date this November who has already been granted a letter of facilitation (an extension in all but name) until next November . They wrote to home affairs and obtained this in response , so it is worth contacting via email, the complaints form on the website etc. I’m drafting something now, hoping they will be lenient given the ongoing situation.
  2. Hi, I’m in a similar situation .. 100 visa with entry date early Jan 2021. There is no way I’ll be getting to Oz to activate before then, due to flight availability and cost but also I have 3 young children who I can not be away from for over two weeks (even taking the risk and getting a transit exemption to fly and in fly out again would be too risky). We have contacted Home Affairs who stated that we would have to get in touch once the visa entry date had passed and we may be able to get a letter of facilitation to allow travel. I’d prefer it if there was some official guidance for home affairs on applying leniency given the global travel situation and I wouldn’t mind having to pay for medical and police check cost again to do this. It’s all very stressful.
  3. Which it why it’s not suitable solely for an activation trip, nor should a government which is desperately trying to restrict arrivals be asking people to still make the trip. It’s clearly counter intuitive but my Aussie husband isn’t surprised by the bureaucracy. Beside the health risks to ourselves and others it’s financially impossible for most families unless emigrating. I need to activate my visa by Jan, even if I could afford to pay business class to boost my chances of getting a seat on one of the limited flights and afford the quarantine fees I still can’t be away from my kids for over two weeks also bear in mind that anyone returning to the uk that transits through a high risk country has to quarantine at home for 2 weeks... that’s at least a month off work.
  4. If a global pandemic isn’t a sufficient reason for leniency for missed activation dates I don’t know what is... especially as guidance on this has already been published for other visa types. If you aren’t ‘move ready’ and just need to activate, the travel caps and quarantining situation makes this incredibly difficult particularly where you are a family with young children, not everyone can cover the cost of business class flights and then quarantine costs because of a system which is unforgiving, these costs are now stacking up to be almost as much as the visa itself. I think there should be more understanding of the situation people find themselves in
  5. Hi, I can’t help but we are in a similar position... initial entry on partner 100 visa beginning Jan 2021. Haven’t made the trip pre covid as we had a baby in Jan 2020, and we were all set for a move in October (circumstances have now changed due to Covid and husbands job which depends on global travel), now I can’t fly in and do the quarantine then fly out as it’s not possible to leave my children (3 in total) for that long and it wouldn’t be right (or financially viable) to bring them. Its a shame there isn’t any official guidance for those of us with partner visas re initial entry date and covid in the same way as there is for PR skilled visas.
  6. Whoops applied March 2019 not 2018 whole process took about 10 months for us
  7. Partner Visa Grant (PR 100) Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for all the information here it really helped us. Partner Visa applied (London) 9th March 2018 Request for further information 13th December 2019 - responded 28th December Email granting temporary 309 received 15:20 10th Jan 1 minute later received email granting permanent visa 100! Coincidentally also our 5th wedding anniversary. Good luck to all still in the process.