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  1. Egorfester

    Marriage in the uk

    Hi we are supposed to be getting married back in the uk next year. We currently live in Sydney and will continue to do so after getting married. My partner is Australian and eu dual citizen so can do so without an issue at the moment. Anyone know where we can get some free advice on the impact Brecht might have on this?
  2. Egorfester

    Wedding insurance

    Hi, I am currently a UK resident but will be moving to Oz in March. We are planning a wedding in the UK for next year and I was wondering if anyone knew of wedding insurance that allowed you to be non resident. Alternatively if I take the insurance out now while I am a resident does this satisfy the condition or do we have to be resident the whole time? Alternatively any good Oz insurance companies that are not too expensive for destination weddings?
  3. We uploaded any communication such as phone records/facebook chats, bank statements and any joint holidays/invitations etc to show the continuing relationship while we waited for the decision.
  4. Egorfester

    Renting in NSW

    Hi Jon, We have just gone through all this as well! we didn't have to pay a pet bond but do ask about strata approval, we made it a condition in our rental contract as they have the power to refuse the pet just like the landlord. We dont have water included as the property is individually metered but some of the ones we looked at it was included. They all included the strata fees as I believe the landlord legally has to pay this and the council rates.
  5. Just received my golden email 309 immediately followed by 100 visa grant! no prior contact, we applied 30th June I am flying out 30th December for a visit and March for good, applied evisitor visa a few weeks ago but that's not needed anymore!! So excited
  6. We will be close by this area in Marsfield :) will be great mix of leafy suburb but not too far to the city once the metro line is up and running hopefully
  7. Egorfester

    Opening a Aus Bank Account from the UK?

    If you open the account while still in the UK, do you need to wait for a residency visa before you can pick up the card and start using the account? or can you do this without Aus residency?
  8. We will be Sydney also! my partner already has a job, so hopefully I can find one as well.
  9. Congratulations! really good to still see some coming through. I applied for my tourist visa on the 9th and after an anxious few days wait (all the others were instant grant) we got that through this morning so at least I know I can visit my partner over the holidays :) Still no contact on the 309 visa front, I will now upload my flight and visit details to my immiaccount though so they are aware I will be onshore at those times in a vain hope this would mean they would grant before I go :p
  10. We are also waiting for our 309/100 applied end of June. We have had no contact so far, no request for further information. I am hoping to reapply for my normal tourist visa shortly as I will go out for a visit end of December through January and again end of March :)
  11. I am hoping to travel over for a visit in December but only for a month so will apply for the evisitor visa. I will then travel back again end of march for a few months to visit once I have finished up my current job. My partner has already gone out as his new job has already started so I am looking forward to the holiday time to visit and see the new house that he has organised in my absence!
  12. This is all really exciting news. Congrats to everyone who recently received their visa!
  13. Egorfester

    visitor visa

    Raul sorry not my intention, I was thinking if I get a visa and visit for one month in Jan and then for just under three months from March would this be ok on this type of visa, or is it 90 days cumulative within a year?
  14. Egorfester

    visitor visa

    Thanks everyone for your help with clarifying. For the 1 year visitor visas are they dated from when their granted or can you apply in advance?