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  1. Rasrad

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    i believe when you go for the 190 visa youhave to submit 2 applications. 1 to the state which will check if what you claimed in your EOI matches with what they are willing to sponsor. at this point theycan approve or reject you. if approved you then get an invitation vallid for 60 days to apply for the Visa through IMMI.
  2. I think It will update once the development assesment is done.
  3. Rasrad

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    It was the same with my application. I guess the system was updated from July. It wont let you proceed unless you have uploaded all the required docs and that includes PCC and medicals etc. I was given advice to wait till CO contact before doing medicals but i had to do the health declaration and medicals before the Submit button was activated. Unless you want to explain why you can not provide documents at time of submission, the immi system will force you to frontload all docs.
  4. Rasrad

    Moving to oz on a student visa

    my cousin did this as a student nurse, luckily they had no children at that time. it is achievable but you have to be really really tight with your budget. as your fees are not that high it could be possible.
  5. Rasrad

    189 health checks

    i suspect the form has changed slightly from those who filed their applications before July 2018. in my experience, it went like this once i hit the apply button. upload all requested documents including PCC and form 80 after uploading and submission i was then asked to make a payment. when the payment had gone through i was then given the option to generate a HAP id which you would need to book for medical exam. medical exam was updated within 3 days.
  6. Rasrad

    Increased points requirement for skilled visas

    I wonder how this will impact on the waiting list for invitations if they invite up to a 1000 for the firs round, as they have done in previous years. This will be devastating for people with 60 points. Hopefully most can increase their points.
  7. Rasrad

    finding radiographer jobs while in uk

    i guess i will wait until after Visa application, at the moment i will just focus on getting an invitation to apply. thanks for the tips
  8. Rasrad

    Ielts results

    i am in the same boat as you. i have done IELTS twice each time i get 7.5 in one category. first time it was writing and then last time it was speaking. i tried the PTE last week, but halfway through the speaking section i knew it was a lost cause, because the guy next to me was hollering, i couldn't even hear myself think. i am sure my recordings were picking up his voice. i got a very low score in speaking. it will be a while before i convince myself to try the PTE again. (maybe if i find a centre with an enclosed booth) i am trying the IELTS again in July. my plan is just to keep hammering at it . Good luck in your next exam.
  9. Rasrad

    NSW CLOSES its 190 programme for this year

    https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190 They just said we will announce when the program starts again in the next financial year. I feel more comfortable with specifics. Hopefully it is soon.
  10. Like many, i had hopes for an invite from NSW but unfortunately this does not make for a pleasant reading. https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/liv...d-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190. Back to the drawing board. Gotta get those 20 points for superior English. Damn you IELTS
  11. Rasrad


    i took my IELTS on the 12th may for the second time, i need to get minimum 8 in all 4 sections to boost my points up to 20. first time i had 9, 9, 7.5, 8 this time 8.5, 8, 8, 7.5 now i have decided to take the human element out of the equation and will go for the PTE academic, but in the meantime i will put in an EOI for 190. it is not really hard but you have to be focused throughout the test and keep to their format. the speaking part is just an examiner asking you a variety of questions. there is no right or wrong answer in this section.
  12. Rasrad

    What to do with job offer

    from my understanding they have stopped inviting accountants for this cycle. this site has an estimate of when you might get an invite. they tend to be fairly close with their estimates.
  13. Rasrad

    finding radiographer jobs while in uk

    I hope this makes sense. I plan to work as a radiographer in Oz but myskills assesment was for a different career. But it took 12 weeks from sending off my documents to receiving Letter if determination
  14. Rasrad

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    I think your type of job is considered only for pro rata jobs. Currently accountants regardless of points are not being invited. When they start the new cycle they will probably dominate with high points and push us 65 pointers further back. The only option is to go for 190 or try to increase your points. IMO i must add.