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  1. Pinklady

    Primary Teacher Advice Needed

    Hi we are in the process of applying but my partner being the main applicant as electrician, how realistic am I being going out there to WA as a primary teacher with 10 years in early years gaining employment? I’ve looked on indeed and seek and there seems to be a few jobs in the childcare centres ? many thanks
  2. Pinklady

    Skills assessment electrician

    Thanks for this, this really helps so have got an agent in mind and have all qualifications etc have you found work easy to come by ?
  3. Pinklady

    Skills assessment electrician

    I am the teacher partner electrician
  4. Pinklady

    Skills assessment electrician

  5. Pinklady

    Skills assessment electrician

    Have been popping In and out this forum for a while regarding skills assessment for myself as a early years teacher wanting to know the process for electrician as we are now looking to proceed with this seriously . Any electricians give me heads up on what’s involved etc I would be really grateful
  6. Pinklady

    AITSL requirements

    I have not paid any fees ha ha ok so may give me some differing advice thanks for the help
  7. Pinklady

    AITSL requirements

    Ok thanks... I am in touch with one but they haven’t mentioned this as a problem ??
  8. Pinklady

    AITSL requirements

    I have been advised via other posters if my Teaching practice shows 45 days with 0-8 I should be fine? Also my whole career has been in early years and I have a Masters??
  9. Pinklady

    AITSL requirements

    I have contacted my university about my transcripts which I can receive for my primary PGCE, however as I am going for early childhood teacher for visa I have asked for a letter stating total number of days and age range in which I taught 5-9 years for whole of my PGCE. This was back in 2004 and my uni are saying they have limited info now but should be able to compile some form of letter ?? Has anyone been in this situation? many thanks x
  10. Pinklady

    Timeline how long from skills assessment to visa

    Hi everyone thanks for reply we will both need our skills checking won’t we ? We provisionally have 80 points each if we sit the English exam.... we would be applying for WA Perth
  11. At very early stages of getting all qualifications together for skills assessment with AITSL for teacher and partner electrician people who have been in a similar position how long was the process in total from skills assessment to the final piece of the jigsaw? Also costs would be handy many thanks
  12. Pinklady

    AITSL what do I need to ask university for??

    Thanks I am applying for early years but on looking at AITSL it says 45 days teaching practice in ages 0-8?
  13. Hello everyone I am in the early stages of gathering info and wanting to get my skills checked. I have a PGCE in primary 5-12 a masters in education specialising in early years what do I need to be asking my university for ...? Will they charge for this ? Many thanks
  14. Pinklady

    AITSL assessment

    No as I was already working full time in my job....
  15. Pinklady

    AITSL assessment

    Hello everyone still in the early stages but wanting to submit an application for skilled visa as early years teacher I have 15 years in early years in UK but my qualification is PGCE in primary 5-11 but I have a Masters in Education which I specialised in Early Years ... has anyone got a successful outcome for early years when their qualification is primary ?? Hope this makes sense . My partner is applying as an electrician and we have contact with an agent ...