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  1. Philip84

    NT migration

    ok great, that makes 2 HR advisers
  2. Philip84

    NT migration

    Hi there, What is your occupation? and points? I have submitted my application to NT end of last year but still waiting for invite.
  3. Philip84


    I agree with Jon the Hat on completing the ACCA exams, but would probably be easier to get in as primary school teacher.
  4. Philip84

    190 Invite Darwin

    not sure if you have applied but from what I have read 190 is only given when job offer is in place and when this is not in place 489 would be issued
  5. Philip84

    489 NT

    Hi Paul Thanks I have redone my application and done allot of research. Hope this time around it would suffice regards Philip
  6. Philip84

    489 NT

    Hi all I received the following response back. Regrettably you have not provided satisfactory evidence of strong employment prospects in the Northern Territory in your occupation. Insufficiently detailed or compelling explanations of your suitability for specific employment opportunity examples in the Northern Territory were provided. Your explanations were very brief. Insufficient explanations were provided of how your skills and experience fit the specific demands of NT employers and NT industry. Noevidence of recent correspondence with Northern Territory employers with positive feedback on your employability/applicability of work experience was provided. Limited understanding of the NT context and of the NT employment market for your occupation was shown (eg. industry knowledge gained through contacts, research and travel to the NT etc). No further correspondence will be made with regard to this application.. I have now redone the employment statement for each advert. I have written about paragraph or 2 for each role and have about 30 adverts. Made contact with some contacts in NT. although I have emailed a few people only 2 replied. I have tried to get some positive feedback from employers but to no avail. Anyone who has been successful recently or can give me some guidance. Would like to change or add where necessary that could help get the invite. Any tips would be appreciated. regards Philip
  7. Philip84

    190 NT

    i have read that they seldom give 190s and rather 489.
  8. Philip84

    EOI to nomination times

    If all goes to plan and I get the invite in 6 months then that should be Feb 2019. I assume then there is just the medical and police after that...I would assume the 10 - 15 months is the whole process.. from assessment..eoi ..and then territory applications I am looking at living in Darwin area...I am currently working in HR consulting, and the 489 is also based on HR adviser skills assessment done. You?
  9. Philip84

    EOI to nomination times

    Hi lewisant48 I see no replies to your question. I submitted all my NT application docs on 11/09 and did EOI a few days before. Have you had any luck on getting some info.
  10. Philip84

    EOI to nomination times

    my agent said about 6 months to get invite...not sure hiw eoi timing etc fits in
  11. Philip84

    Management consultant / HR Advisor

    thanks allot
  12. Hi all, I am very new to the forum. Welcome to all of you all. I would like an honest opinion. I have Ndip in human resource management and degree in Labour relations management. I work for a large HR consulting firm. started off as consultant and is now manager. Where I not only continue servicing clients but also manage a business unit. Have been employed for 10 years this year. 5 years ago I was positively assessed as HR advisor. Unfortunately while waiting for assessment to be done HR advisor was removed from the state sponsorship list. I then lost all hope and was very disengaged with the migration process at the time. A few weeks a ago a friend of mine told me about the "management consultant" on SOL list. I have looked at Vetasses doc on management consultant and based on HR / strategic advice I have been delivering to clients I believe this is very closely to what I do. Here is where I would like some honest opinion from someone that has been in a similar situation. Am I getting excited for no reason? And how difficult is it to get positive assessment on management consultant. regards Philip