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  1. I am in desperate need of advice. I am onshore with my daughter and we applied for an 835 LRR as we were the last of my immediate family left in the UK. They have started to process my application and they have came back asking for further evidence. Name of my biological father Proof he was an Australian resident Problem is, my father is not on my birth cert, it is blank and my conception was a one off thing in another country. My mother has no knowledge of who he is so I am left in a position where I cannot provide the information they need. I have no idea where to go from here so any advice would be appreciated.
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    Darn it, i was afraid that may be the case.
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    Hi All, Long story short; Came from the UK to visit my parents/siblings in January 2018 on a visitors visa (They are PR) At the time, my only option to stay was to apply for an 835 Last remaining relative visa - i was fully aware of the negatives and the waiting list but at that time i felt it was the right decision to make. Further to that i applied for working rights and have been placed on a BVA since May 2018. I gained employment quite quickly and have been working as an office manager for a real estate business for one year. They have offered to sponsor me. We have looked at what we believe to be every visa option going. My role, or any role within the business is not on the skills list unless i apply within regional australia (i am based in Sydney) The company are willing to do anything possible to make this happen but we are constantly hitting dead ends. Has anyone been in this position before or can offer any advice?
  4. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    I have a few back up plans in place. My concern isn't any of the above, these issues have all been addressed before and during my application. I know the risks involved and the likelyhood of the changes the govt may make. I was looking for advice on how best to approach applying for a work permit. Thank you for all of the input, my application is being sent of today with crossed fingers.
  5. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    Yeah, it really does rack up. Especially with the cost of the application itself. So now i have a nice 50 year wait on my hands, wish me luck!
  6. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    Yes, ive got it thank you. Yes, i got advise from several and they all advised it was possible but i was choosing a difficult route. Unfortunately for us this was the only option available and i made the decision to just go for it. I was aware my biggest hurdle would be the length of time it would take to be processed, but as long as i can work i can manage. Everything else has worked out so far so fingers crossed im doing the right thing!
  7. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    I see, thank you for the info. How do i go about doing that? Do i write them a letter to ask for a work permit and attach proof that i am in financial hardship? i've looked online and cant find anything at all.
  8. Mandy3112

    Enrolling into school on temp Visa

    Thank you, I have been in touch with the dept of education and the fees are 5k per year. This I don't have a problem with as I only have one child. It's a small price to pay to give her a better education than she was receiving in the uk. The processing time for my Visa is unfortunate, but again, trivial when it gives us a life with our family rather than being in an austerity ridden Scotland with terrible health care and crap weather!
  9. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    Hi! Yes, I have done thorough research on this and have been advised by immigration that the processing time for this Visa, when applying on-shore is around 8 years at present. I am happy enough to have the reduced health care and pay for private health care. In comparison to the NHS in the uk, it's better. I'm 28 at the moment, so pensions aren't a concern just yet. As long as I have a work permit i am not fussed about the financial side of things.
  10. Mandy3112

    Applying for a work permit

    Hi all, I am currently on a bva wa, waiting on my application for last remaining relative. I understand that I have no work rights and the processing time for this Visa is around 8 years. I need to apply for a work permit and I have no idea where to start. Has anyone done this that can give me some advice?
  11. Mandy3112

    Enrolling into school on temp Visa

    Hi all, Looking for some advice from anyone else in my situation. We came to Sydney in January on a 3 month visitor Visa. We have just applied for the Last remaining relative Visa (835) and been accepted and granted a BVA WA, with rights to study. Does this mean I do not have to pay the school fees for my daughter to go into primary school? Or are we classed as temp residents even though we are awaiting PR?