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  1. tab

    309/100 - 600 Tourist Visa

    This is the one thing that's has worried me. I am a dual citizen Aus and UK. I have three British children who I have adopted they aren't entitled to citizenship by descent like birth children and I've had to apply to sponsor them. All paperwork including medical police clearance etc submitted july. in order to free up the 5500 pounds for application I sold my house and we are crammed into a friend's tiny terrace . I now have a job to go to perth and a friend has found me a fab rental house so we're moving over on 2nd January. I have contacted immigration in canberra and consulate in UK and no timeline on adoption visas at all. Therefore I need to get a tourist visa for kids. we've got a one way ticket but have booked cheap flexible tickets to singapore to either leave to get visas substantiated or to get new visa to get back into Australia. I have had members on here tell me it's a risky move but with no home anymore feel it's a risk worth taking and intend to be honest and upfront on why we're entering if questioned. At the end of the day my children are legally mine and therefore have same rights as biological children children who wouldn't be denied entry to live with there citizen parent.
  2. tab

    We are home at last

    I too am returning to perth in January after 19 years back in the UK. Have been back o holidays regularly so not such a shock we were out at Easter. Like the op I feel quite sad in the negative changes to UK massive violent crime poverty ghost towns of bordered up shops. My children are bullied both by teachers and pupils. Can't wait to return to Oz x
  3. Thanks guys we do really need to be in Australia early next year for many reasons which are too numerous to go into. I am well aware I would have to leave to get the visa substantiated. It seems there is no black and white answer I will probably have to take a chance and apply for the long stay tourist visa at the end of the year if no movement on the permenant residency visa. Would love to hear from people who have entered on a tourist visa while waiting for a permenant residency vusa
  4. I know it's only been 3 months since I put in my application to sponsor my 3 adopted British children to get permenant residency however we are all going bonkers. There is no time frame for this type of visa however I know someone on an adoption board who was 4 months so really hoping it's going to be quick. The reality is in under to even fund the move apply for visas airfares etc I've sold my house very quickly . we own another house which planned to move in but my tenant being awkward and won't move. This has meant we are squashed into a friend's tiny terrace 1 and a half hours from work and schools. it's on a major road and my 8 year old got knocked over by a car. My job as a midwife is beyond stressful with no staff and hours that don't suit a single parent. The children are struggling with all the uncertainty and I feel we just need to get gone and wait for their visas in Australia. I realise there education won't be free I will home school until residency through. we have loads of support in perth and I have agency work lined up and friends arranging housing. I am an Aussie citizen so no worries for me how easy will it be to get a years holiday visa for the children. Had different advice London consulate said no worries at all but spoke with the Aussie site and he was doubtful I can do this. Any thoughts ta x
  5. When I first moved out to w.a in 1989 I ended up working at the halls creek hotel in the Kimberley. Night after night I struggled to sleep in my little single prefab room because it was so hot. Eventually I complained to the manager who asked why I didn't use the air conditioning I replied that there wasn't one . He came to check and it turned out the ugly looking heater in the wall wasn't a heater after all the locals had a laugh at my expense x
  6. tab

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    it will be interesting to see how many people are trying to get out of the UK. it really is a scarey time imho. As a health professional the worry regarding the future of our health service and the estimated increase in poverty and increasing disadvantage within our society is not something I want to be part off. For me the sooner I can leave the better
  7. tab

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Fantastic news our house sale went through today so one step closer to my dream of being back. I'm planning on agency nursing and midwifery until my youngest is older. Good luck well done
  8. sorry am a but confused am currently residing in UK am dual citizen . So am currently a resident been back in UK 19 years almost
  9. My house sale in the UK is going through in 2 days. I have australian citizenship and plan to return early next year. According to the money websites I can find the pound is heading closer to the $2 mark in the next few months. I'm rather hoping this is right but just wondering from people with more financial savvy than me how accurate these predictions usually are. I have opened a moneycorp accent in preparation. Thanks
  10. tab

    Seriously thinking of making the leap to Oz

    I go over on holidays regularly and was only there at Easter and compared to the big cities of the UK still very sleepy. But yes massive changes.
  11. tab

    Seriously thinking of making the leap to Oz

    Gosh all these northern folk I am a community midwife in bury. Although we live in Rochdale near Hollingsworth lake. Still waiting for my kids visas to be sorted and I will be back in Australia after leaving 18 years ago. Although I adore the north of England my soul yearns for the wide open space of Australia. Sadly my children find the pace of life and the terrorism threat and daily reports of local violence scary so looking to come back to sleepy old perth.
  12. Thanks rammygirl that's put my mind at rest.
  13. My application to sponsor my 3 adopted children has been sent and I frontload the medical and police clearance. All my children cleared the medical I was a little concerned as one of my children had major surgery last year to correct a birth defect. I took all the recent relevant hospital letters and there were no concerns raised. He may or may not need further surgery in the future it can't be certain. What I'm worried about is if we came to oz he needed more surgery in the future would this prevent citizenship application for the children. I am already an Australian citizen. Do children need medical for citizenship application. Many thanks
  14. tab

    102 adoption subclass

    Hi caramel koala yes be nice to stay in touch perhaps we can have a beer or wine next Easter. I've had a couple of expat adoptive parents ts contact me which us lovely. Good luck with everything all our paperwork is now in kids medical all clear which was a worry as my little lad has some health issues.
  15. tab

    Age is only a number.......or is it ?

    As a midwife have you thought about applying to new Zealand I'm sure there skilled worker age is much older. I am also a 50 plus midwife moving back to oz next year. Once have residency in new Zealand I think you can freely live in Australia.