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    How long to pack up life in uk

    Furniture wise not taking hardly anything but planning on large move cube for clothes toys books kitchen stuff añd personal items. will be a pain but not impossible if kids visas not back as will mean will have to pay for education. Have a back up plan of home ed for òlder two and pay primary fees for youngest if necessary. My friends in perth have already got me a house full of furniture which is in storage on a friends farm. Thanks for replying practical wise I'm pretty motivated but it's the àdmin crap I hate and there's soon much!!!
  2. tab

    How long to pack up life in uk

    my biggest worry is the kids visas we went on holiday to oz in March and have also spent money on house so credit card almost maxed out. Lots of money coming in with house sale but daren't apply for visas until bank account looking more healthy which cuts it fine for them to arrive. have been advised can take kids on tourist visa if necessary and leave oz to have validated residency visa. I have all my paperwork together and plan to fromtload police check and medical
  3. Am beginning to panic now about how much there is to do in order to move back to Australia by January. I've set the ball rolling and my house sold with in a week first time buyers moving in in August. We then as a family single mum with 3 children are moving into a rental house I own to try and tidy and fix damage and get on the market . I'm an Australian citizen but need to sponsor my children as was blessed with them through adoption sadly no spare cash until July to even apply all gone on house. I need to register with aphra as a nurse and midwife. sell my furniture and pack belongings . Any positive inspirational stories appreciated of packing up on a tight deadline. we need to move this date as got friends organising a house rental in oz and hopefully correlate with new school year
  4. tab

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    love reading this after 18 years back in UK and as a single parent with 3 children in tow have put wheels in motion to move back. my children have never lived in oz and are scared. However since I stepped off that plane in Darwin back in the 8os my heart and soul have belonged here can't wait to return accepted offer on house yesterday hoping to be back in the sunburnt country in 2019 x
  5. tab

    midwife moving to australia

    Out back experience is amazing and you will make th most wonderful friends I spent 11 years in the Kimberley and pilbaras region work ing as a nurse and midwife
  6. tab

    adopted children

    Hague convention adoptions are generally intercountry adoptions you live in Australia and adopt from Thailand e.g. British adoption by British citizens or residents doesn't class as a Hague convention adoption hence the ex pat adoption visa which is crazy money for three children.
  7. tab

    adopted children

    No allegedly can't claim citizenship by descent but would have to sponsor them under an expat adoption visa at a ridiculous cost . They would then get a pr visa. once in Australia I can apply for citizenship for them immediately. I also need social services approval according to the Australian embassy to take children to live there
  8. tab

    adopted children

    The legalities of adoption give children and parents the same legal responsibilities as birth children. I've had a read on Australian legal definition for adoption and it is the same. Yet adopted children supposedly can't enter the country as citizens by descent however at ten times the cost you can apply to sponsor them. Seems very discriminatory and unjust but . I am also querying coming on an extended holiday. The dept of education for w.a clearly states that children of Australia citizens are entitled to free education. At the end of the day these are my children and I am there legal parent
  9. tab

    adopted children

    The thing is I have already spoke with several immigration agents and an adoption lawyer and because it's so unusual no one was sure. My dilemma is u don't want to spend 3000 pounds to find the kids hate it whereas it would be minimal cost to come initially on a tourist visa for them or better still I could claim citizenship in the same way biological parents can. I feel it makes a mockery of the whole legality of adoption. It's hard to know whether they would let them stay with there Australian parent if I told immigration I'd found work and intending to stay. or would they insist they return to UK with no roots there and then apply. As a single parent 3 grand is a lot to waste if life in oz doesn't suit the kids
  10. tab

    adopted children

  11. tab

    adopted children

    I am a dual citizen British and Australian. I have been living back in the UK for several years and while here I have adopted 3 British children. I wish to return to Perth in January 2019 and have good work prospects am a nurse and midwife. Also have friends who will rent me a house. The problem I am having is although I have total legal parental responsibility for the purpose of immigration they don't have the same rights as biological children. I would have to sponsor my children and the whole system is a pain in the behind and frankly discrinatory in my opinion. Am wondering if the children came with me on a years tourist visa I can enter legally and work and I immediately applied for them to stay would that be any easier than the hoops we have to jump through at this end. Sadly embassy at this end rubbish and give very conflicting and confusing advice. Any suggestions appreciated