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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I’ll do as you’ve suggested and engage the rental people before we get out and use serviced apartments initially
  2. Tara

    Leaving the grandparents behind

    Husband had a very typical kiwi upbringing and as there is no opportunity to go to NZ, I guess we are hoping that Aus would provide some of that for our children, although I know there are some very obvious differences between life in Aus and NZ. I’m curious about your experience- what do you think is wrong with Australia?
  3. Tara

    Leaving the grandparents behind

    Or (and I’ve thought of this too) we stay to make them happy, my father dies and then we’re stuck in the Uk looking after his wife who is completely emotionally dependent on him and is already!
  4. Tara

    Leaving the grandparents behind

    It’s a complicated situation, my husband is a kiwi, all his family are in NZ and have made do with the weekly FaceTime since our kids were born. My mother (who died long time ago) was Aussie, hence the connection- I have aunts, uncles and my own grandparents still kicking around in Victoria. So the Aussie and NZ contingent want us in the Southern Hemisphere. Put simply, in the Uk is grandpa, in Aus/Nz is grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
  5. Tara

    Leaving the grandparents behind

    We have dual citizenship so no need for visas fortunately
  6. I know this is a tricky subject but just looking for some words of wisdom on how to make our move easier on my parents. We are due to move in September, leaving my father and his wife here in the UK. I am an only child and my children are the only grandchildren he and his wife have (she never had kids). They are devestated by our move, and have both had emotional breakdowns over it. I’ve had the “you’re making a mistake” chat, the “how can you do this to us” chat, the “we’re getting old and sick” chat and more emotional blackmail that I thought them capable of. They adore the kids and have a great relationship but I truly feel that the move is in the best interests of our immediate family. Of course I am saddened by the prospect of leaving my dad behind but the more they battle against our decision, the crosser I get! Does anyone have any words of wisdom on how I could make them understand or make it easier for them? Thanks in advance
  7. Tara

    Family friendly affordable near Brighton

    I think around $700 pw and I would love 4 beds. Our daughter will probably go the kindergarten and then school in the area so it’s quite important we get it right. Feels like so much of south eastern suburbs are unaffordable
  8. Thank you! Fingers crossed this time, I guess we can get husbands employer to back us up. We still have one dog but we won’t be arriving until 2-3 months later....should we declare him or chance it and just sneak him home?! He’s very well behaved ?
  9. Thanks. The plan would be to pay out the finance so effectively buy the car and take the hit on the taxes. Do you know why the 12 month window is in place? Is it to stop people selling on for profit?
  10. Tara

    Family friendly affordable near Brighton

    @The Pom Queenany suggestions? Do you know if Bentleigh is nice?
  11. They’ve agreed to support 2 to 3 months but I don’t think they’re keen on finding it for us. Are there any specific companies that specialise ? Or should we just use air bnb?
  12. We are due to move to Melbourne in around 3 months time. Whilst the move is planned, we didn’t anticipate such a quick timeline. We have just got a new car on finance in the uk, and given we will be stung financially if we hand it back, would like to take it with us. However, we’ve seem that you need to have owned the car for 12 months, and at the point of moving we will have owned it for only 6. Is there any way around this? I have relatives I’m guessing could import it but that would be quite complicated as I’d need to sell it to them? Any ideas?
  13. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne in September for my husbands work, and will be moving with our two young children (2 & 3). We want to be close to Brighton as that’s where work is but think it will be unaffordable. We also need the area to have amenities for the kids and I so we get to keep busy. Our daughter turns 4 this summer and would have been due to start school in September so somewhere there are good kindergartens/day care would be perfect. Does anyone have any suggestions? We will also be bringing the dog so some parks would be handy. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, after some advice please. We are moving out to Melbourne in September for husbands work, with our two young children. We tried (and failed) to live in Melbourne before the kids and my lasting memory was how competitive the rental market was. At that time we didn’t have jobs and also had two dogs but endless applications with bank statements, offers of 2/3 months rent upfront were rejected. Husbands work has offered to financially support the move for 2 months but not to find somewhere to live. Does anyone know if it’s possible to secure rental accommodation without actually being in the country, and if not, any suggestions as a short term solution?