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  1. Hey Farzad, any news from your visa? I am still waiting .
  2. I will send him an email. Thank you Farzad.
  3. I am Iranian. I know security checks for Iranian takes longer time than usual , but as far as I know it is rare to take a year .
  4. Hi Farzad, Have you ever sent any email to get information about the reason of that delay? Most of the people I know got their visa in almost 8 months after their lodge. I don't have any idea why my visa process is taking this much time. It has been 13 month since I lodged my application.
  5. My lawyer did all the paper works.And he said sometimes the process takes more time that usual .But it is getting very hard for me to wait more.I want to know if there is any way I can get information about my case .
  6. Hello everyone,I lodged my visa application on 22 May and a week later CO asked for medical and police check.I did my medical check on 14 June.But There is no news from CO yet.And I still waiting .My visa type is 190 and I have victoria state sponsorship and I applied as human resource manager,anyone here has same experience as me????