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  1. b10122

    Family of 5 lookin to emigrate, help needed!

    Thankyou all for your input. Feeling a little deflated now as we were so excited at the prospect and now it seems we have little to no chance. We have the means to save - but would take anything from 18-24 months to get a decent amount. Is it worth consulting a migration agent and getting their advice?
  2. b10122

    Family of 5 lookin to emigrate, help needed!

    My partners job is on the Trade Skills part of the skills list, does this help? I have basic English and Maths, College level 2, and I have an NVQ in Health and Social Care. I love my job currently and didn't feel the need to do further training is nursing, as I love what I do atm. My partner has all relevant quals for what he currently does.
  3. Hi everyone! im hoping I can get some advice and guidance! Sorry for all the questions!! We are a family of 5! I am 28 (In a June!) and my partner of 7 years is 29. I have 2 sons from a previous relationship and we have one daughter together. We are very seriously looking to emigrate to Aus as it's something we have always wanted to do, it ticks every box as far as our lifestyle is concerned. I currently work as a Health Care Assistant in a local hospital. My partner has his own motor mechanic business. He is currently the only employee (was looking to employ someone but now we want to move he has held off) it's not a huge business but he's always busy and it pays the bills. What are the chances of us being accepted? My job is not on the skills list. How does this affect us? We currently have very little savings due to an emergency where we pretty much used up all of our savings. We are currently in the process of saving back up - how much roughly should we save to fund such a move? I won't have any problems as far as my sons are concerned, father is not on birth certificate and when told of our plans, was not bothered in the slightest! Another thing to throw in (sorry!) my mother wants to come. She is 54 in a July though, she currently has a very professional job as a teacher in a college. However due to age, we are thinking that would be a problem. What visas are available for our situation? I am planning on securing a job pretty much as soon as I get out there. Same as partner. We would prefer Aus, but we are not limited to there, we have also been looking into NZ as my mother has an Uncle there and she seems to think it will be easier for her (and us) to get in. any advice is greatly appreciated! thankyou in advance!