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  1. I am quite happy to share this news with you guys that today we have our 143 visa granted after a long wait of 4 years. It was a stressful journey. Never mind , All's well that ends well. Thanks everyone for your precious suggestions throughout this journey & Good luck to everyone.
  2. Hi , Went to centrelink personally to submit bank guarantee letter. No update after tthat
  3. Can anyone help me please . I have deposit my AoS bond money today at commonwealth bank branch and got a bank guarantee letter. Now, How can I send this to Centrelink ? Do I have to go to branch to submit this ? please reply.
  4. FINALLYYYY......... After a long wait of more than 6 months today I received call from centrelink regarding AoS payment ....
  5. Anyone in this group who got AOS call from Centrelink lately ? Please reply.... its been six months now since I applied ... really frustrating ...
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question about CENTRELINK AOS lodgement if someone can reply that would be highly appreciated. My assurer applied AOS almost 20 weeks ago and at the time of lodgement no acknowledgement letter or receipt, no reference number was provided to him by centrelink staff. Is it same with everyone or its just us ? We applied 4.5 months ago and have no evidence that we applied it. I am bit terrified. Please reply. Regards
  7. Many Many congratulations dear ........ Good luck for your future in beautiful Australia
  8. Hi Dear, The only thing you need to make sure is Notice of assessments from tax department are up to date. your assurer need to provide his NOA to centrelink dept. Make sure he's earning significant amount of money in next two years as this is a requirement to become a assurer.
  9. Hi , Your lodgement date and our lodgement date is same i.e. 23/06/2015. Best of luck
  10. SIMHAR

    Sibling visa

    CPV 143 ...... If he's under 23 and pass balance of family test he can come as a dependent with his parents ... but as I can see his case is different ...he's not eligible
  11. SIMHAR

    Sibling visa

    depends how old are you and you pass family balance test or not ........ there is one visa for sibling
  12. Hi , One of my known got his 143 last week ..... but his file was lodged in May 2015
  13. Hi @Wishfull & @rosiejaq ......... We applied CPV 143 back on 23/06/ 2015.