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  1. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 820 granted!

    That's it hey! We have joint bank and savings accounts and make sure all vehicles etc are registered in both our names as is our tenancy agreement. No doubt we'll have gathered more documents along the way! Thanks for your input ? and congratulations Thewayofthepony!
  2. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 820 granted!

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared advice and experiences in the short time I've been posting on the forum. So pleased to say that my temporary 820 partner visa application was granted, on the 29/05/2018 (My Birthday!) 5 months after I applied on 17/12/2017. For those who are applying for the same or similar visas, I had a medical April 17th and was not asked to an interview. I would be happy to answer any questions about documents uploaded, forms submitted etc. It's a massive weight off our minds so thank you to the PomsinOz community!
  3. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 801/820 Interview??

    Thank you! That's a huge relief as, fingers crossed, I don't think there'll be any issues ?
  4. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 801/820 Interview??

    Hi All, I'm looking for anyone with advice or experience regarding interview processes for and 801/820 partner visa. I have submitted all documents on my immi account application and am waiting patiently for next correspondence but just wondering if anyone knows if you definitely have to complete an interview? If so, is this usually an in person interview or do they do it over the phone (onshore application). Any idea on a time frame? For example do they conduct interviews when you apply for the temporary first stage or do they wait until the permanent application stage? I'm not at all worried about the interview itself, or the questions they could ask. I feel confident that would not be an issue for us. I'm more concerned about having to travel to Brisbane from North of Cairns just to meet someone in person as I know how much that is likely to cost when I take into account flights or travel, accommodation and time off work etc. I know that Cairns has an immigration office but i'm fairly sure it's just there for show and is virtually unoccupied save for a security guard. Any input appreciated ?
  5. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya


    I'm not sure I understand fully, and am in no way an expert. But, can she apply for the WHV from inside Australia? I would have thought that once the application is submitted she'd be granted a bridging visa until a decision has been made on the WHV so would therefore not be outstaying her current student visa? As for the student visa to working holiday, I have no idea about how immigration would see that, sorry, but wish her the best of luck.
  6. Hey Poms! First post. Just wanted to share my application situation for anyone going through a similar experience. Sorry it's long! I was originally in Aus on a year working/holiday visa, that turned to two after I realised a year just wasn't long enough! I met my now partner in the first few months of my first year when I was working with him for his family, we started dating seriously after another few months and I fell pregnant at the end of my first year here. My second year was spent saving up for upcoming arrival of bub and the expense of a partner visa (ouch!), while still having and enjoying amazing experiences in FNQ. I applied for de facto visa in December 2017. I had at this point only uploaded the basics, form 80, my passport and birth certificate, photographs of us together, proof that we had been living together for over a year, our son's birth certificate (born september 2017), proof of joint bank account and joint ownership of a car. I received confirmation of them receiving the application and was approved a bridging visa within a couple of weeks. I was sent a Request for More Information on 26 Feb 2018, a lot sooner than I was expecting! Immigration wanted; AFP checks for both of us, I applied online and received these fairly quickly; UK police check for myself, I applied online and have as of yet not received it in the post; Partner's/Sponsor's Birth Certificate, He didn't have one but again, applied online and received and uploaded quickly; Form 888(witness statement), I had one of these and was waiting for the other, Uploaded on signed by JP and haven't been asked for another?!; Form 40sp, printed and had partner fill it out (reluctantly, he hates paperwork); Immigration Health Assesment (Medical, chest Xray, HIV test) I slowly worked through and uploaded most of these, on 07 Feb 2018 I received another Request for More Information asking for the rest of what I hadn't gotten around to yet. I was pretty impressed to be honest as I wasn't expecting this much correspondence, especially this early into the application. I was quoted 17-24 months process time, they seem to be working quite fast. I am now just waiting on my UK police check and my medical, which is tomorrow! I am currently 4 months pregnant with bub no.2 so was advised by Bupa to choose not to have chest X-ray until after the new tiny human is born. They even suggested that 9/10 times they will not even ask me to go ahead with the X-ray after, which is going to save me a few dollars. Fingers crossed. That's me and my situation. I will update as soon as I hear back from them after my medical and have uploaded UK police check. I'm looking forward to finding out whether they'll keep processing at the rate of knots they are, or, once I've given them everything they need, they spend the next 19 months ignoring me and leaving me in limbo! Good luck with all your endeavours!