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  1. Bumblebee

    Will we regret leaving so soon?

    I always had the 'it takes 2 years to be settled' in my mind, so when I found myself not happy this made me try harder - we then moved interstate after our first 2 years so I then told myself that was like starting again so would give it another 2 years, then we moved closer the city (we were in Melbourne too) and really I was trying and trying and trying and before I knew it 10 years had gone by! If 7 months is enough for you and you KNOW you feel that way then go with it is my advice! Especially if you both feel the same way. If you stay and one of you ends up wanting to go home and the other loves it, well that's a dreadful space to be in. I'm home now with the kids and honestly loving it. Maybe all you needed was 7 months to then be able to appreciate the UK and it'll feel different in a good way when you come back, commute and all! (or you could move somewhere different here?). Good luck!
  2. I did my TOR the other day, shipping went in Jan so was worried about being late! It said it would take 2 weeks and if any later to contact them. I got my reference number a few hours if that after applying! Super quick.
  3. Bumblebee

    Do i move back to the UK to start a family?

    I've had two children in Australia away from any family and I will truly always regret it. When I think of the loneliness of having no one to share such a wonderful experience like having a baby, no one to visit, and just not being able to share my baby with the people I love it brings tears. I've just moved back after 10+ years and only a week in its lovely being with family and seeing the kids with everyone. Family is so important. Belonging is so.important. if you can't imagine having kids without family don't. Don't contemplate it. I thought it would be OK, that people would visit etc etc but it's simply not the same.
  4. Bumblebee

    Choosing what to take back to UK

    I've taken back what I could for ease and also I know I'll have no money now I'm here. I'm living with family for a few years so didn't bring any big furniture but figured the cost of replacing all the little things like kitchen stuff etc really adds up so shipped as much as I could. Good luck with the move. I've just arrived back
  5. Bumblebee

    Renew drivers licence in return

    Got it sorted, so simple, he only wanted the photo card part, took new photo and asked for the address. Didn't need anything particular but he did see the Aussie bank account statement with UK address on. Should take 8-10 days he said. One less thing to sort...tick!
  6. Bumblebee

    Renew drivers licence in return

    Can I ask what you took with you? Just passports? Thanks
  7. Bumblebee

    Renew drivers licence in return

    Hi all, Just got back and need to renew my driver licence. I never told them I'd left (10+ years ago!) and it says you can be fined for not telling then you've change address. Am I going to get in trouble? Do I just do the online application to renew? What have others done? I don't know my NI number but of course have passport, and it says they can just use my passport photo. Thanks
  8. Bumblebee

    Movecube customs questions - help!

    Yes, that's what the staff told me to do they really are very helpful. so now its all submitted they'll send a PDF of the inventory list for me to use for TOR. OK, next step.... This really is a rollercoaster, can't wait to be sitting on that plane !
  9. Bumblebee

    Movecube customs questions - help!

    Yes, its on the online account when you complete all inventory and documents, on the same page you add passport photo etc. Eeek! I'll call this morning
  10. Bumblebee

    Movecube customs questions - help!

    Hi everyone, My movecube got collected today - woohoo! So I'm just urgently completing the outstanding documents and the customs questions are confusing. I will call in the morning but wondered if others can help... It asks: Which countries did you visit? Is that literally visited Australia from 2008 to 2019? It then asks the dates you left And return to the UK - surely that's the same answer? It then asks does the contents of your shipment originate from the UK? If yes it asks how they wrre shipped - Well of course some items do but I can only vaguely remember the company we used and definitely don't have an inventory that it asks for, it was nearly 11 years ago. The supplementary customs info asks to list all items obtsibed outside the UK/EU. Would I literally list all those things in my shipping, every little item? Am starting to worry, Ive got to empty the unit tomorrow so cleaners can come in and now worried this will take forever and I won't get it done! I had thought TOR would be through the UK website, but looks like I need to list everything again here thanks
  11. Hi, does anyone have any advice or experience getting child support assessment from UK to Australia, I know they are reciprocal and I contact UK CSA who will then work with Australia CSA. Wondering how quickly an assessment is made. Is the process pretty straightforward? Thanks
  12. Bumblebee

    Caught in the Middle

    Love it! A classic. I agree - how NYE changes with kids lol! I spent the evening packing for my move back! Happy new year everyone!
  13. Bumblebee

    Counting down!

    Moving back in 10days! Anyone else heading back soon? Shipping goes this week then its clean clean clean to get unit ready to give back.
  14. Bumblebee

    Caught in the Middle

    Oh I LOVE this! Its so true. Its not going back at all. Yes back to a place but its not time travel - its not going back to what any of us had before. And I'm hoping that's the beauty of returning - its a NEW adventure, not returning to the past.
  15. Bumblebee

    Choosing Shipping - Movecube or Allied Pickfords

    Eeeeek! The shipping gets taken in just over a week and THIS is what my packing area looks like! Please tell me that's normal and it'll all be OK !! I haven't logged any inventory online yet either but have all the contents listed ready to enter.