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  1. Mummy2

    Removals back to the UK

    We are in a similar poof returning eight months down the line. any good removals companies here ? Going from Sydney to Kent.
  2. Mummy2

    Shipping companies Brisbane to UK - Self pack

    Hi we are moving Canberra to Kent lookigfor feedback on Chess and OSS , Pickford please
  3. Mummy2

    Container Prices To The Uk

    How was Chess? we are going to move from Canberra to Kent and looking for reliable people after terrible experience on the way here . any advice much appreciated.
  4. Mummy2

    Shipping Question

    Just wanted to ask how OSS was, we are looking to move Canberra to Kent so would be Sydney office. Grace and Doree Bonner on way here missing items and not pleased. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Mummy2

    Removals companies

    Hi Had a quote from Chess. Wonder who Anglo Pacific use in Oz as shipping from the UK was good for some friends who used them. worried about reviews claiming damages and losses. Does anyone reliable companies? we are moving from Canberra to Kent. grateful for any advice.
  6. Mummy2

    Removals companies

    Thanks . Will ask Chess. We used Doree Bonner with Grace on way in and communication was very poor . do pss and masons have branches in Oz?
  7. Mummy2

    Removals companies

    Hi . We are looking to send things back to the UK as the kids and I will return for a year or more. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Would love some advice.