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    Robina or upper coomera

    Hi thanks for that. Not got work yet but I’m guessing it’s better to be closer to Brisbane? The air bnb’s are really expensive as we arrive just before Christmas! My brother in law lives in Melbourne so is going to travel up and look around the houses for us. Are all schools generally good in both areas??
  2. Paul Washbourn

    Robina or upper coomera

    Hi all, moving to Australia in December with my wife and two children (15 & 8). Narrowed it down to upper coomera or robina but can’t decide! Any advice appreciated! Thanks paul
  3. Paul Washbourn

    School changeover

    Hi, thanks for your response. Can I just check we are on the same page here. Our plan is to allow my daughter to do her GCSE’s here then move. I believe she will have to go to school in oz until she is 18. The high fees you talk about, is this for university places in oz??
  4. Paul Washbourn

    School changeover

    Hi, thanks for that. It is my wife who has sponsored me and our two children. When we enter to activate the visa does she have to be with us? Can’t really afford a holiday before we move so worse case me and the kids could fly there and back! Thanks paul
  5. Paul Washbourn

    School changeover

    Hi all, need advice if possible. We had decided to move to Australia next summer after my daughter had taken her gcse exams. We have had our visas come through and we must enter the country no later than January! Does anybody know if the grades she would receive in Australia are recognised in the UK if we come back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks paul