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  1. Nandini Millar

    Health insurance for newly arrived families in Brisbane.

    Thank you so much. That's a lot of relief.
  2. Nandini Millar

    Health insurance for newly arrived families in Brisbane.

    Thank you so much for your reply and I will get myself familiarize with the way how healthcare works over there. I thought it's mostly private and without insurance coverage we would be completely lost. Thanks again [emoji4]
  3. Nandini Millar

    Health insurance for newly arrived families in Brisbane.

    Oh ok will check public system now. Thank you.
  4. Nandini Millar

    Health insurance for newly arrived families in Brisbane.

    Yes on permanent resident visas. Oh ok so we could get full Medicare cover by default because of our Visa status? Is that right. If so it's very good news.
  5. Hello and wish you all a very happy new year 2019. With the start of the new year we will be starting our new life in Australia soon and we are very excited. Me and my husband have been researching and anxious about what healthcare insurance will keep us covered when he have landed in the country. We are a family of 4. We two and our 2 kids 4 and 6. We have been used to NHS free healthcare so we really have no idea of how to go about. Any tips any help any advice would be great. Thank you.
  6. Nandini Millar


    Sounds brilliant we might join in as well. A bit of snowfall sounds good too hehe
  7. Nandini Millar


    I know it's too cold and wet here and we are always poorly off and on until we feel some sun and that takes forever. We need sun and wants to spend time outdoors. sometimes I feel so bad that my 2 little kids are always indoors.
  8. Nandini Millar


    Wow sounds great. Merry Christmas again.
  9. Nandini Millar


    Hehe I love Christmas jumpers too maybe I would switch to Christmas t shirts haha
  10. Nandini Millar


    yes piccadilly station will be chilly and cold in jan as i did my studies in Manchester University and been at the same situation so many times. I stopped buying brollies after i couldnt keep a track of how many i have lost hehe. but yeah welcome back to Manchester. Its a good place.
  11. Nandini Millar


    That sounds fair and we get a cold Christmas too haha. I would love that as well. 2 Christmases that's awesome
  12. Nandini Millar


    Hehe cold Christmas warm new year. I wish all our dreams come true
  13. Nandini Millar


    Yes I know. Over here we look for house that has South facing garden but over there I think that don't apply at all.
  14. Nandini Millar


    Sounds like a proper commitment to Christmas haha. I don't think I would go that far but just a wonder how it would be like to have Christmas in summer. Sounds weird to me already but I might embrace the full Aussie way as I have always adapted to places would love to take kids to pantomime though in t shirts and shorts. That should be amazing. Not a fan of cold and wind not to forget the chilly rain
  15. Nandini Millar


    Hello thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like Brisbane could be the right choice for us. Yes everyone says coastal areas are better. We might stick to that. No my friend has only visited Brisbane not lived there. He lives in Sydney.