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  1. Nandini Millar

    Shipping: packing scrubbing driving me nuts.

    Ok thank you. Will check with them.
  2. Hello very nice people [emoji16] I have vacuum packed most of my clothes and I am mighty please with the result but my concern is do I need to fit them into boxes or am I ok to shopped them off like that. Help please [emoji120]
  3. Nandini Millar

    Anxious excited mixed emotions [emoji848][emoji4][emoji23]

    I know thank you. Emotions going to run high soon xx
  4. Nandini Millar

    Anxious excited mixed emotions [emoji848][emoji4][emoji23]

    Yes I can imagine and the worst part is I cry easily. I will be needing paracetamol for the flight journey. I hope everything turns out to be all nice and how we hoped to be. Fingers crossed but I am quite positive that it is going to be a better life. We have planned to try Brisbane first but if needed we will check other places like Melbourne. Big phase in life. Will update you how we get on and will be needing lots of help and advice on anything I am confused or not sure. Thank you xx
  5. Nandini Millar

    Anxious excited mixed emotions [emoji848][emoji4][emoji23]

    That's really that you got jobs sorted so soon. That's really lucky. We have got families lined up to visit us too so we feel better. I know there will be lots of tears and I am already stressed out about that. Sorry to hear about your hubby's grandma passing as well. Must have been difficult times. She seems to be a very strong, lovely and lively person promising to visit you even though she was 93. Bless her. Kids are so sweet and innocent. I wonder what my 2 kids would be thinking when we don't return to England. I just hope I won't cry.
  6. Nandini Millar

    Anxious excited mixed emotions [emoji848][emoji4][emoji23]

    I can imagine how that must have felt like. It's really start to hit us hard now that it is actually happening and we are going. It's like different levels of acceptance of reality to me now. Must be quite good that both of you got jobs soon after you landed over there. I am worried about that as well x
  7. Last few weeks here in England and I have been going over and checking over packed things, would be nice things and so many other. Emotional over leaving families but excited to start a new life over there as well. I hope the first few months would be quite an adventure and adjusting to the new place. How was your first few weeks or months or even years. Can't wait though [emoji3]
  8. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    Will do thank you [emoji4]
  9. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    No worries thank you. I will try and shipped off some of them kinds I like as they are good for my skin as well as for my kids. Thank you again x
  10. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    Thank you. Will bring them with me then. Sometimes the unbranded ones seems to work better and some of my other favourites. I tend to look for spf50 but good to know spf30 is the better one. Thanks again x
  11. Hello all, I have been confused about what to do about sunscreen lotions !!!! What do you all suggest should I try and shipped them from here or should I just leave them? I am a bit particular about what sunscreens I used as I have few favourites here. Or am I being silly and picky? Thank you all x
  12. Nandini Millar

    Need help again [emoji23]

    Thank you that's such a relief. I will start putting them straightaway [emoji3] thanks again x
  13. Nandini Millar

    Need help again [emoji23]

    Hello everyone this platform is such a good one to ask and discuss about anything regarding moving to Australia. I have been crazy packing all kinds except foods which we can't take. Cleaning scrubbing all sorts. I have got few toiletries which I don't mind giving to friends and families but at the same time thinking whether I can just pack it and shipped it along with my other things. Creams lotions serums etc etc. What is the policy regarding it. Any idea and thank you already x
  14. Nandini Millar

    Vaccination updates

    Hello all, Could you please tell me what do I actually need from our local GP surgery regarding kids vaccination. Do I need a letter or just a print out of the vaccination updates is enough for school admission purpose in Queensland? Do we need to give notice to our local surgery about our move? Thank you so much. Too many things to sort out I am overwhelmed !!
  15. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Hehe nice [emoji3]