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  1. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    Will do thank you [emoji4]
  2. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    No worries thank you. I will try and shipped off some of them kinds I like as they are good for my skin as well as for my kids. Thank you again x
  3. Nandini Millar

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    Thank you. Will bring them with me then. Sometimes the unbranded ones seems to work better and some of my other favourites. I tend to look for spf50 but good to know spf30 is the better one. Thanks again x
  4. Hello all, I have been confused about what to do about sunscreen lotions !!!! What do you all suggest should I try and shipped them from here or should I just leave them? I am a bit particular about what sunscreens I used as I have few favourites here. Or am I being silly and picky? Thank you all x
  5. Nandini Millar

    Need help again [emoji23]

    Thank you that's such a relief. I will start putting them straightaway [emoji3] thanks again x
  6. Nandini Millar

    Need help again [emoji23]

    Hello everyone this platform is such a good one to ask and discuss about anything regarding moving to Australia. I have been crazy packing all kinds except foods which we can't take. Cleaning scrubbing all sorts. I have got few toiletries which I don't mind giving to friends and families but at the same time thinking whether I can just pack it and shipped it along with my other things. Creams lotions serums etc etc. What is the policy regarding it. Any idea and thank you already x
  7. Nandini Millar

    Vaccination updates

    Hello all, Could you please tell me what do I actually need from our local GP surgery regarding kids vaccination. Do I need a letter or just a print out of the vaccination updates is enough for school admission purpose in Queensland? Do we need to give notice to our local surgery about our move? Thank you so much. Too many things to sort out I am overwhelmed !!
  8. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Hehe nice [emoji3]
  9. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Hehe [emoji23] football is football
  10. Nandini Millar

    Hello all

    Thank you and will look up on realestate.com sorry didn't define properly where we were thinking to settle down. We came across Mango hills, sunny bank ,north lakes. North lakes seems promising but not sure. Any ideas and thank you again x
  11. Nandini Millar

    Hello all

    We are looking to rent a place in Brisbane when we get there for the first 6 mobths and our budget is $1400 per month (roughly). Could you all please suggest good areas with good school catchment. Only trying to have a knowledge of what areas we could think of? I have 2 kids aged 6 and 4. Thank you all [emoji4]
  12. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Haha tea first [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Hehe me too. When I was a student in Manchester University I worked park time and they said it's my dinner time(break time for lunch to me) [emoji848][emoji848] I instantly looked up to the sky to check how dark it has gone [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] it's in my head dinner is evening meal [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  14. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    Haha yeah I know. My husband is from the north and we always have this topic but lesser [emoji23] it's lovely to know about all these thank you [emoji4]
  15. Nandini Millar

    Warm clothes

    I thought the same. When I was in South esp London I never heard of dinner time during the day and tea time for evening meal. Its only when I moved to Manchester I started to learn about this new way. What do you call in Australia the meal times? I guess breakfast might be still call the same but don't know about the other 2 debatable terms hehe. I know brunch though [emoji3]