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  1. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi folks, I have got my nomination approved today. Position, cook State, WA Timeline, lodged 23.02.2018, nomination and application, two people Nomination approved today. Request documents of mine. I havent got the email from agent yet but he said so. Salary, 60k, I have been working here for 6 years. Turnover, 3.3 million 9 chefs, 7 full-time, 2 casual
  2. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi everyone, I have a question about overtime rate. Im a fulltime chef and applied 187, I always work overtime. I have got paid as normal rate. Is it legal? Will it effect the visa? E.g., my contract is 40hours, I work 45hours then I have got paid 40+5, not 40+5*1.5. I also know some friends who work in the kitchen but they didn't get any overtime paid. But my agent says I should get 1.5 or 2 times rate according to the law. Anyone has same problem? TIA
  3. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Thank you for your response. I need to show them what I suppose to do but my salary is only under head chef and I am a cook. There are several chefs who have lower salary than me. It doesn't make any sense for them that is why I'm worried...
  4. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi everyone, I have a question which is bothering me since I lodged visa through agent. I have asked him but he didn't answer me very clearly or maybe I couldn't understand. I am a sous chef in our restaurant but I am under the 457 visa as a cook for more than 2years so far, and I only have certificate 4. I applied DE 187 as a cook this February before rules changing. My job description is sous chef job and my title of payslip is a sous chef. Now, I am kinda doing head chef job but I am wondering if my position is a cook but my salary is over 60k would be a risk to get refusal or not really? Agent told me that we shouldn't bring anything as a head chef or sous chef jobs because it will be more complicated, but my title and description are sous. My 187 visa application is a cook. Could anyone on the same boat or any expert could give me advise, I really appreciate that...
  5. Cupidmi

    Chef and Cook June 2017

    My MA told me that it doesn’t need it for my 187 DE as a cook. I’d only finished cert 4 commercial cookery.
  6. Cupidmi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Sorry to hear about that. Are you holding a 457 visa as a restaurant manager when you applied your 187 DE? On May 2017? Do you have changed anything between 457 and 187? Such as job description, position, etc? How many stuff in your restaurant? How many sponsored stuff as well.
  7. I applied DE as well, even I am holding the 457, the reason is because I don’t have 2 years full time of 457 before 1/3/18, so my MA told me that it’s better to apply DE before March. I wish immigrant will consider that I’m holding 457 so could be a little more chance to grant 187.
  8. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I just share what I have received from my MA. As I commented before, my contract and nomination is a cook, but literally I am a sous chef. They uploaded my job description and reference as a sous chef so it doesn’t matter what title on the contract. The most important thing is that what duties I have and will compare to other stuff. If there is no one else doing same job as mine. I will be fine, they won’t compare salary to locals. I have to be equally salary if there is any stuff who takes a same job. i am not to sure it’s correct but it’s what MA told me. good for luck...
  9. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Thanks for everyone’s comment. I will wait until my MA reply to me and then I will share my situation and how I do next step. finger crossed and good for luck everyone...
  10. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi MilaMocha, Thanks for your reply. i have research what qualifications and education needed to be a sous. Obviously, my education couldn’t be a chef but I have 5 years experience in Australia and almost 2 years full time. Could be a chance to be a sous chef? (We don’t have another sous chef) if still not, which means I have to sign a ‘new contract’ and therefore it will be much lower than now and MA needs to explain why my contract change to very low, is it correct? And I have to take out sous chef position on my payslip as well, right?
  11. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I don’t know him and I only know he waited for 18 months in Perth and got visa two days ago as a chef.
  12. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    So the better way is that I ask my MA to change my contract salary back to equally of other staff (can I still do that if my documents already uploaded?). Or MA should mention about that my position is SOUS chef even if contract is cook (I have no idea why they put cook position on my contract, the only thing I can say is that I only have a cert4 commercial cookery). I know I need to ask MA but I have to wait until Tuesday...:(
  13. Cupidmi

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I have been silent here for a while. I would like to share my colleagues results. our company has 4 restaurants, 3 in Perth, 1 in Dunsborough. One of my colleague got 187 granted yesterday in Perth and the other has got a refusal of nomination of 457 in Dunsborough. First person has only work in our restaurant for 2 years and he waited his visa for 18 months. Second person has been working for 5 years and he is holding 402 visa at this moment. The reason of refusal is his salary is higher than local but his contract is 54k which is the minimum of 457 rule and also first person is higher than him. It is so strange to me. Is there any standard or every single case depends on CO. How about nomination? I am also very wondering my visa too. I have just applied my 187 and I have been working here 5 and half years as cook and I am on 457 but 187DE due to not having 2 years of 457 yet. Be sides, my contract is much higher than others because I am sous chef but my visa contract is cook only. Will it affect my visa as well due to high salary? Feeling so stressed but nothing I can do about that...