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  1. Is it posible to submit OET ( Occupational English Test ) results that were achieved in more than one sitting to claim English point for Skilled Visa 189/190. For example, First Sitting : Speaking :B Listening: B Reading:B Writing:B combine with 2nd Siting. Speaking B Listening B Reading C Writing B Also, Do i need to repeat all parts in the next sitting or only repeat the part that has not reached the required score.
  2. Hello, I'm a Registered Nurse and will be applying for skilled visa (190,489). Just wondering if I could take the IELTS General Training to increase my PR point. In the website of Homeaffrair, it mentioned that both Academic and Genera traning is recommended unless your assessing authority tell you otherwises. Currently, I'm registered under Nursing Board of Australia and I've already completed my skilled assessment with ANMAC by using my OET score of B in 2 sitting. Pete
  3. Regard to the assessment of a minimum 3 years, international work experience; My work experience was 34 months in Emergency Nursing (ANZACO code: 254415) and 2 months as a Nurse Coordinator (ANZACO code: 254499). Can two different roles of nursing experience be combined as minimum of 36 months work experience to access the five points for migration. Also, which ANZACO should I submit ?