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  1. Hi just a quick question when visa 143 is granted it says no condition but I have been told by few people it has condition of living 2 years.Has anyone got any idea? Thanks
  2. But they will ask u why u can’t get ration card made ?
  3. I had same issue then I send them ration card copy translated in English not a big issue and ur passport and citizenship certificate is proof of ur Australian residency.
  4. No conditions attached to her and my mom visa as well .
  5. it’s for my sister who got 143 (dependent )she is not even married. I was checking when she gets married then when she call apply . Its for future reference don’t get upset
  6. Any idea if someone on visa 143 can they apply spouse visa ? Is there any condition when they can apply ?
  7. Hi just open Centrelink and go to upload documents and send them . It’s very easy
  8. I just gave my application no from Centrelink when I submitted application
  9. Hi what is the best ( cheapest way ) to deposit VAC
  10. I had money ready in my account and was done with 30 min
  11. it only shows AOS submitted .i want to know after bank guarantee has been submitted