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  1. Conyo2588

    PTE Academic with minimal prep....

    Tbh I think it depends entirely on how confident you are with the English language, ‘test’ situations and how much writing etc you tend to do on a daily basis. As an example, my partner and I both had to complete it (native English speakers) for different reasons. He’s the main applicant, so was doing it for points, I completed it as part of an assessment for my occupation. He works in a trade and doesn’t use computers/draft emails much. Our agent advised he studied for his, to brush up on his skills. He got an overall 79, with his writing being the lowest score of 73. I didn’t study at all, as our agent advised that due to my occupation, the likelihood was that I’d be quite comfortable in the test anyway. I got an overall 90, with writing being my lowest at 87. I think sometimes the pressure you apply before doing any test and reading horror stories and words of warning can do more harm. If you’re pretty confident in your abilities, I wouldn’t see the need to revise. If you’re feeling a little uneasy and feel like your skills could do with a brush up, then setting a few hours aside can’t do any harm. Even if it’s only to ease your fears. Good luck x
  2. Conyo2588

    190 visa processing times extended

    I was under the impression that the priority list only applied to employer sponsored visas…
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if somebody can help to answer my query please. We received an ITA and applied for a 491 visa in July 20, with 80 points. As of May 21, we will have crossed over from 7 years work experience to 8 years, which I believe is an additional 5 points. I just wondered if this updated automatically in the system or if it’s something we’d need to do manually? Or does it not matter now that the application is lodged? TIA
  4. Thanks for your response Eagle2020 Really appreciate it Its still a nightmare though isn’t it. This situation could be going on for a long time....just more unnecessary expense and stress unfortunately!
  5. Hi all Those of you who have an agent and front loaded Medicals and Police checks, what has been your agents thoughts on the expiry of these? Im conscious that they normally expire 12 months from issue, but DOHA are the ones who requested them within 28 days of lodgement. Seems really unfair to have to pay to do them all again, when they requested we supply them in the first place! Our agent doesn’t know which way they’ll proceed. Just curious on other agents opinions? Background info - we applied for a 491 in July 20, status hasn’t changed from ‘received’
  6. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    I was under the impression that the police checks and medicals only lasted for 12 months...I may be wrong though
  7. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    We lodged in July 20, police and medicals done shortly after. We used an agent. Im just hoping it gets processed before July, otherwise it’s more expense
  8. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    Congratulations! Thanks for updating on your journey, it’s providing a small glimmer of hope for those of us still waiting Best of luck with your move!
  9. Conyo2588

    491 work and living situation

    We were advised that you’re morally obligated to stay in the state that sponsors you for the duration of your stay. When you come to apply for PR (after working for 3 years and earning above 55k per annum) it won’t reflect well on gaining state sponsorship from one state and moving to another, unless you have a letter of release from the state that sponsored you. Once you gain PR, you can move wherever you wish To be honest, I’m not sure if this is true or a rumour. We never asked our agent as we don’t intend on moving from the sponsoring state (if we get the visa!)
  10. Conyo2588

    SC491 window of arrival

    12 months from police or medical check? Our agent has advised from the date of visa grant.
  11. Conyo2588

    SC491 window of arrival

    Our agent has advised it’s 12 months from the date of the visa being granted (making initial entry, whether it be a holiday or move) With it being a 5 year visa with 3 years work requirement, if you intend to apply for PR, you wouldn’t want to be leaving it much longer than 12 months IMO
  12. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    On another post, he’s advised he’s a Plumber, SA state nomination
  13. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    I hope so too! We applied roughly the same time, under my partners occupation, wall and floor tiler Which occupation have you applied under?
  14. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    The post further up says Plumber for SA state nomination in August 20
  15. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    Congratulations! I bet that’s a relief! To be honest I’m really shocked that you’re offshore and non critical occupation. I assumed everything was on hold until borders opened back up! Best of luck with your move. At least you have something to celebrate in this horrible lockdown