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  1. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    Congratulations! I’m assuming you have an occupation on their critical skills list? Keep us updated on your journey progress! Exciting times for you
  2. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    We’ve applied under my partners occupation. Wall and floor tiler. I’m an Accountant, the points were too high to apply under my occupation unfortunately. We’re also on SA sponsorship. We’ve been to Perth, Melbourne, and a few places up the east coast ie Brisbane, but not Adelaide. If we do get granted a visa, it’s looking like the actual move would also be the first time we go to Adelaide and surrounding areas.
  3. Conyo2588

    491 visa processing time

    You’re in much the same position as myself and @AmyL Similar time frame, our medicals were submitted in August. It’s just a waiting game. Tbh there’s no point them processing 491’s as they can’t gain entry to the country. The 5 years also starts ticking from the date of grant so that’s probably for the best! I just feel really sorry for the people who’ve had them granted and can’t gain entry. It must be so frustrating and upsetting just seeing the time ticking down and it being out of your hands. I really do think the Australian government haven’t thought it through very well.
  4. Conyo2588

    Health clearance provided- no further action req

    Yes. Ours said the same x
  5. Conyo2588

    Swimming pool

    I’ve only just starting reading this post and the progress you’ve made is amazing. It looks lovely...not jealous one bit x
  6. Conyo2588

    Exemption granted but still waiting for visa!

    Ah ok, that makes sense. Well good luck with it all! Hopefully you’ll get the answers you need soon!
  7. Conyo2588

    Exemption granted but still waiting for visa!

    Unless things have changed recently, I was under the impression that they weren’t allowing 491’s into the country. Has this now changed?
  8. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    Haha thank god for that! And yes, I can imagine your dignity does take a little dive then Thanks for all the info Be sure to keep me updated on your visa progress! We’re on roughly the same timescales so it’ll be good to see how somebody else is getting on x
  9. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    Thank you so much for updating me, I really appreciate it! I feel much better now that I know what to expect Not sure how my partners going to feel trying to touch his toes Do you get weighed together? I really don’t want him seeing my weight
  10. Conyo2588

    DIY 491 Visa Application

    Hi, The 491 visa is a regional visa and therefore, your partner would be unable to work or live in Brisbane unfortunately My partner is a Tiler and we’ve just put in our visa application, albeit, using an agent. I’d highly recommend using a MARA registered agent as the process is exhaustive, especially if you have to sort skills assessments etc TRA did my partners assessment. I think there’s also another called VETASS? Or something along those lines We were advised by the agent to do PTE as apparently that’s what tradies have more success with...I’m not sure how true that is, just the advice we received Also, only post qualification experience gains points, this has to be proven by tax records, statements from employers or customers if self employed. Any experience prior to qualification doesn’t count Hope this helps
  11. Conyo2588

    state nomination query

    Hi I’m not sure about if there are any consequences retracting a 489 for a 491, but I thought the 491 programme was closed for the time being? Or is that just for offshore candidates? Are you onshore?
  12. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    I assume the link relates to state sponsorship applications? We lodged our state sponsorship application in April and paid the fee then. We got notified in June that it had been accepted, which is the point where we put our full visa application in to DOHA When you say you got your invitation in March, do you mean notification that you were successful in gaining state sponsorship and applied for the 491 visa through DOHA?
  13. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    Yeah we also saw Glenelg and Henley Beach, think they’re quite popular! They look really nice! We looked a bit further inland, still commutable to Adelaide, we just didn’t want to live in the city as we’re not big city fans. We liked the look of Aberfoyle Park. It’s really difficult isn’t it as you don’t know what the areas are like until you actually start living there!
  14. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    I think the hold must have only come in early July, from what I’ve seen on here. I’m just going to keep an eye on the Govt website to see if the processing times get updated. Sort of hoping they don’t considering we can’t travel anyway! Will you let me know how your medicals go please? I’m dreading it! Also, where in SA were you thinking of going to?
  15. Conyo2588

    491 invite & grant

    Hi We also received our ITA from SA at the end of June, we were told the visa application had to be lodged within 60 days or it would expire. We lodged it around a week ago, now need to send Medicals, Police checks etc Our agent has said that visa processing for offshore candidates is currently on hold due to travel restrictions so they can’t predict when it’ll be processed. We just have to wait and see and know it’ll be a few months down the line. Fingers crossed things improve soon