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  1. jameserob

    482 Waiting But Passport Expiring

    Wow, how rude. If we all went by your logic then the forum wouldn’t even exist as nobody would be on here asking any questions.
  2. jameserob

    482 Waiting But Passport Expiring

    I’m currently waiting for the renewal of my 482 visa…been waiting since February. My passport expires in July. Can I just renew my passport and let my agent know and she can update the application, or is it more complicated? I’m just thinking that when you apply for a new passport doesn’t your current one automatically end? What if during that time my visa application is looked at and they see my passport is invalid?
  3. jameserob

    Positive Skills Assessment - Urgent Help

    Well, Well, we’ll, well, seems like all occupations on the 482 short term list are now considered “useful”. PR here I come. Thanks so much for your useful advice.
  4. jameserob

    Positive Skills Assessment - Urgent Help

    Wow, such a kind response. Do you think it’s right that someone with a Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies (a Degree which is completely unrelated to my sponsored occupation, Recruitment Consultant) along with just 1 years experience, would be eligible to pass the Positive Skills Test and get PR over me, someone who has worked in Recruitment for nearly 10 years in both the U.K. and Australia, and has been through promotions and works in a managerial position? If myself and this person were put in the same office, I’d be teaching them, yet they’re deemed as more “qualified”. Your response was horrible. I was asking for help in what is an extremely difficult and unfair situation. There are thousands and thousands of migrants out here in similar situations. As for your comment about me going to University, why would I pay $90,000 to do this when a Degree in recruitment doesn’t even exist?! That’s how crazy it is. I wouldn’t risk it anyway, as the way migration works out here they would probably change the goal posts again. Your response was extremely nasty and condescending. There are extremely experienced and qualified migrants who have lived out here for over 13 years, yet due to the constant changing of the goal posts, they still don’t have PR. It’s playing with peoples mental health. People have given a lot to the country and and made their home here. How can you tell someone that their skills aren’t needed when you’ve given them a visa for 4 years? Or even worse allowed them to work in an occupation for over 10 years? There’s many, many people stuck in this situation and it’s disgusting. Australia is an incredible and beautiful country, but migrants are treated appallingly. Have some respect.
  5. Can anyone help me? It’s just been announced that it’s likely all 482 occupations on the short term list will be eligible for pathway to PR if you were in Australia during the pandemic. I’m sponsored as a Recruitment Consultant and I have over 9 years experience in the role, however I have no qualification. The VETAASSES website is saying you need a minimum Bachelor Degree in a relevant field. If you don’t have a relevant Degree, then any Degree will count as long as you have 1 years experience on top of that. This is absolutely crazy. So someone with an unrelated Degree such as Islamic studies, and 1 years work experience in Recruitment is eligible for PR in my occupation, but me who has over 9 years experience is not. Can someone help and advise me if there’s any way around this?
  6. I’m currently on a 482 visa. My job is on the short term list. In a few months I will have completed 2 years. My employer are going to renew it for another 2 years. Will I need to submit all of the paper work I did 2 years ago again? Will I need to get references again etc? I’m just trying to be prepared as last time it took me a while to get my references. I’m hoping that all of my paperwork will still be valid. Also, will my employer have to do labour market testing again? Thanks
  7. I’m on a 482 short term visa. It’s a 2 year visa and my employer can renew it for another 2. I’m a year into the visa so in a years time they will be renewing it (they’ve already said they will). However, in about 8 months time the company is changing its name. Two of the manager’s who work there have bought the company and are going to change the name. Do I need to do anything regarding this? Is it going to affect the length of my visa at all? I’m a bit worried.
  8. I'm currently on a 482 Visa. The role I'm doing is on the Short Term List, and so I can't get PR through this pathway. Recently two new regional visas have been announced. The job that I'm currently doing is on the list for the Regional Visas. I currently work in Sydney, however my employer also has offices in a number of regional areas. Is it possible for me to stay with my current employer, but move to one of their regional offices and change from my 482 visa to a Regional Visa?
  9. jameserob

    Major Help Needed!

    So I’m currently on my second working holiday visa and the job I’m doing have said they will sponsor me. I work for the authorities and my job is office based and on the jobs list (just a different job title). I also have 7 years prior experience. So that’s all fine, however on a WHV you can obviously only work for the same employer for six months, and my six months is up in the middle of July, so I’m really worried that they need to get a move on!! Can anyone advise me on what they or I need to do? I know they have sponsored people from overseas to come over and migrate here and work, but they haven’t ever sponsored anyone on a WHV. Should I get in contact with a migration agent? Should my employer do that? I’m just starting to panic a bit. It’s fantastic that they’ve said they’re going to sponsor me, but I don’t want to keep on and on at them asking questions about it! Another thing is, I’m currently working in my role through a job agency, so will this make a difference to them sponsoring me or complicate things? Basically I just need to know who needs to do what and if it’s me or them who needs to make the first move. Help!
  10. jameserob

    3rd WHV Question

    I take it you do actually live in Australia and have been on a WHV before?! The amount of people who apply for a second year when they haven’t done the farm work and get approved is huge. I know many, many people who have done it. I’m not suggesting that Canadians and Irish are idiots at all...I started a simple discussion around what the process might be for the third year visa. This is a discussion forum. I haven’t started a weird topic. It’s pretty obvious what I’m talking about and the subject is spoken about on many Facebook groups and other forums.
  11. jameserob

    3rd WHV Question

    Because you’re going to have so many Irish and Canadians trying to apply for a third year when they haven’t done the farm work once January comes, so I would have thought they would perhaps request payslips and bank statements for everyone applying perhaps? I’m not asking some sort of alien question. It’s pretty simple, and this is a discussion forum.
  12. jameserob

    3rd WHV Question

    That’s not what happened when I applied for my second year back in January this year. I applied for it and didn’t supply any evidence at all apart from the ABN number of my employer and address of where I stayed while doing my farm work, and I wasn’t asked to provide anything further. My visa was then granted. It’s excatly the same with most other people I know who done farm work. I know some others who applied for their visa and then a few weeks later received an email asking for payslips and bank statements, which is what is known as “getting investigated”, and then they upload them to their immi account.
  13. jameserob

    3rd WHV Question

    Does anyone know how this is likely to work? Surely once January 1st comes every Irish and Canadian who’s on their second year visa is going to be applying for a 3rd year whether they’ve done the farm work or not?!!! How are immigration going to deal with it? They can’t investigate and ask everyone for payslips as the process would take forever, but then surely they’re going to be on the lookout big time as so many people will be applying who haven’t done the farm work!
  14. jameserob

    Criminal Record Help!!

    Thank you for all of your help. Very helpful. Just one more thing. My current job I got through a job agency. It’s the employer that are going to sponsor me, but do the job agency need to do anything? I’m paid through the job agency currently.
  15. jameserob

    Criminal Record Help!!

    Thank you for this. I noticed on the ACRO website it mentions that certain offences/convictions etc won’t show up on your check after a certain amount of time. For my caution, it’s on the list that doesn’t show up after five years. It’s now almost six years since I received it, so I’m assuming it won’t show up at all?