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  1. If you have your skill assessed by cert III with 3 year FT post qualified experience . Will TRA or VET ask for 2 more years experience as on the job training? Thanka
  2. At begining, she said she will look into it. So I thought everything should be ok. After that, she's not reply my phone call, text msg and emails.... I want to know its done or still something I can turn the table around?
  3. Now I want to know how I can fix the problem? Or it is not fixable at all?? First, fill up form965 to end of the appointment with current agent. What's next? Fill up form 1023 to notify the department??
  4. If i end of her appointment, should i list all her fault or breaching code of conduct?
  5. Can anyone guide me? Should i send in 956 for ending of appointment? Then fill up form 1023?
  6. Updated I contacted my agent ten days ago, she said she will look into it. After that she's never answer my phone calls, never reply my emails or text msgs. What's the next correct thing yo do except just waiting?? Thanks
  7. For me, they are my only family in AU. Of course I know I can't bring them with me. So I tried every single way to stay but still goes wrong. Everytime thinking about I will be forced to give them away, it breaks my heart.
  8. csc2018

    Where do we go from here?

    What if she is not qualified? Can she hand over the orignal application to another agent to re-edit?
  9. I see, I think thats what I need to know. But please understand me. I've been paincing for this visa thing for long time. The money was prepared to going home has put into the last bet. And still going wrong. How frastracted I am now? Well, tomorrow I will be contacting her and see whats happening next... Thanks for everyones help.
  10. Thank you Richard I'll do it tomorrow mornong
  11. I want to know what i can do for myself before I speak to her if she wants to walk away and leave the mess to me? And is it an good idea to hand over to another RMA to clean up the mess?
  12. I would like to know as a victim, what should I do now? Writting an email to immi department explains I found out my RMA fuxked up my application and can they give me one more chance?? Who bears all the bills? Who carries the responsibility? Its not fair for the applicant to carry all other professional's mistakea, isn't it?