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  1. Kelbelski

    Sending belongings over ahead of us

    THanks for checking Yelverton. I’m just not sure whether the Port Service Charge would apply if it is delivered to your door, I would imagine so as it still goes via the port. I might check again with PSS tomorrow.
  2. Kelbelski

    Sending belongings over ahead of us

    Thanks all for the advice. We’ve priced up a few an Voovit and PSS seem to be the cheapest although they are both a bit vague on charges in Australia (destination / port handling / customs / quarantine charges etc). Voovit say there is a charge of 215 AusD on top of their fee for ‘port handling’ whereas PSS say there is no port handling charge for them because they deliver to your door. However Voovit seem to think PSS would still have a similar port handling charge to them! I don’t think I’ll get anywhere near a final fee until it’s all in Australia!
  3. Hi all, We got granted our 189 visas this week. We supplied our form 80 and a few other things that they asked for on 27th November 2017. I read on another forum that you tend to hear 90-110 days after submitting your final application and that was true for us. We have been given until early November to enter the country. Also, our status changed from ‘in progress’ to ‘further assessment’ for about a week before we got the email confirming the visa had been granted. Hope this info helps those of you that are waiting, I know how hard it is. Good luck all!
  4. Kelbelski

    Sending belongings over ahead of us

    Brilliant, thank you. We still deciding on when to go and whether to do a stopover but will certainly have a look at Singapore Air, we’ve heard good things about them. Thanks again for you help.
  5. Kelbelski

    Sending belongings over ahead of us

    Thanks for the info JetBlast, I wasn’t aware of this but I’ll definitely look into it.
  6. Hi all, We were granted our visas this week (hurrah!). We aren’t taking a lot with us but we would like to send a couple of suitcases ahead of us (I have relatives there already so we can have them delivered there). I’ve done a few online quotes and they seem extortionate. Would we be better to pay for extra baggage on the flight and take it on the plane with us or is there a reasonable company out there for sending just a couple / few suitcases? It doesn’t matter how long it would take to ship them over, I’ll happily start packing now! This is Midlands UK to Sydney. We’d appreciate any advice.