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  1. Baker187

    TSS 482 clarification required

    And what are the GTE requirement as I lived in Australia for 8 years and left last year. Is it possible for me to satisfy GTE requirement?
  2. Hi all, i’m a Australian qualified trade diploma holder living overseas planning to apply tss 482 visa. I ha e a 2 years of experience as a baker. Can someone suggest me whether I need a skill assessment or am I exempt from it as I have Australian qualifications. Please help.! Thank you
  3. Baker187

    Subclass 190 visa group

    Hi all, I need your help as i’m In process to apply subclass 190. I have a student visa refusal in Australia in year 2014 while I was onshore. Do you guys know if that refusal have any adverse effect on my offshore 190 application . thanks ?
  4. Baker187

    187 Visa Processing Time

    If the immigration is processing files ageing between 12 months to 23 months then hopefully we see lesser processing times in coming month or two.. fingers crossed.. good luck to us ??
  5. Baker187

    RSMS Direct entry Offshore

    Due to some network issues, I mistakenly uploaded image multiple times.. this is is what I find in comments of my previous post on Taylor made immigration
  6. Baker187

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi ally89.. if you have lodged both visa and nomination file together and visa application is decision ready. Then usually immi approve visa application the same day or within a week. If there is a gap between nomination and visa application then it might take a month or so, as per the msg’s I have seen on this thread before. Hope this help thanks
  7. Baker187

    RSMS Direct entry Offshore

    Hi one of my friend’s nomination application refused yesterday. Nomination date August 2016 Store manager at Dominos South Australia reason: franchise business don’t need a manager duties similar to supervisor
  8. Baker187

    RSMS Direct entry Offshore

    Hope you hear some good news soon.. one of my mate is waiting from July 2016 as well