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  1. AdiMac

    189 "activation"

    Ta, @wrussell! I ended up taking a printout with me anyway (just in case). All grand on entry though. Well, apart from my terrible mood after the flight
  2. AdiMac

    189 "activation"

    Hey everyone. Apologies if this is an "I should know this" question but... gonna ask anyway. I've got a skilled 189 (yay) and will be moving for good next May. Taking a holiday next week to "activate" the visa and make first entry. The visa is electronic and linked to my passport. So I'm assuming I don't need to do anything else other than travel with my passport and fill in the landing card appropriately? (&have an awesome time...) Thanks
  3. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hi all. Found out this week that my visa has been granted!! Obviously relieved, happy, a bit in shock, ready to start on the next steps! Thanks for the reassuring words on this thread :)
  4. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hey @SarahFitzand @GB537 Still haven't heard. It's been 5 weeks since everything went off to the Aussie case officer for a decision. They don't give an estimation of how long it'll take. Maybe this is still within the normal time frame. Everything I've been able to find online is saying hospitalisation could be a problem (though not a definitive "no"), taking medication not so much. I think the core issue is whether there is an expectation that we would be a drain on state resources. I feel sort of terrible, I can't lie. I pay for prescriptions, I've had therapy but always paid for it (rather than NHS... waiting times - jeez), lucky enough never to have been unemployed because of poor mental health. I'd genuinely be crushed if, after passing everything else, this is the thing that they say "no" on. Will keep you posted anyway
  5. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hey thanks for this. That all makes sense and sounds reasonable. More than happy to be assessed by whoever, whenever, wherever. Just don't want to get rejected at this stage because of this. Can almost taste the cherry ripes
  6. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hey everybody. I'm aware that no one can give me a definitive answer though I'm stressing a bit so some kind words or thoughts would work nicely! At the medical checks. Disclosed on the form I have had ptsd for 10 years. Doc doing medical requested a letter from my GP. She confirmed the medication I was on, included information she probably didn't need to (letters back and forth to people). I've had therapy (self-funded) to manage my symptoms, never been in hospital because of them, had some time off work but never been on benefits. I'd argue the evidence shows I'm not a drain on resources. Of course, I'm now convinced that my visa application is going to be refused at this stage. It's all gone off to the case officer. I guess, for everyone, it is a waiting game. For me, I'd like to know if the CO would request more info if they had any concerns or would they just throw my forms in the bin?
  7. AdiMac

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    Flipping heck, yeah that's a huge investment having 6! I'm going solo so I guess luckier in that respect. Did you find it straightforward to go for it without an agent or have there been times you wished you had someone external on board?
  8. AdiMac

    189/190 visa processing from March 2018

    Hey all, At the beginning of the process myself - getting everything sorted for EOI and gathering all the docs I might need. Haven't committed to using an agent yet but in contact with a couple. How about you guys? Super excited!