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  1. Before my technical interview, I was stressing so much because I couldn't find much online about the actual interview so this is the whole process in as much detail as I can remember.... This is just my experience, but I hope it helps. Remember my skills assessment was for cook. The assessment for chef might be different, but I can't really say. 1. If you look on the fact sheet on the VETASSESS website, they list all of the units that you will need to know. If you copy the code for each unit (e.g. SITXFSA001) into Google, and click on the result from training.gov.au you can find a link for a detailed description of what you will need to know for each unit. 2. For the first part, you need to send proof of your employment and qualifications (if you have them). I got a national insurance record from HMRC which shows all my employers over the last ten years and how much money I earned in each job. I got references from each employer. I sent bank statements showing the first and last pay from each employer. I also sent a CV and made sure that the responsibilities listed in each job covered each unit from the VETASSESS website. If you have contracts of employment and payslips, then send them. Any pictures of you at work are good too. Basically send all the proof you can find that you worked where you say you worked and that you did the job of a cook/chef according to the units on VETASSESS. 3. It took about two months for the first part to come back as successful. 4. About a month later I was given a date for the technical interview, and the actual interview was about another month further down the line. 5. During this time I was given a link to an online questionnaire that just covered food hygiene and cleanliness. I had to complete 11 questions in 30 minutes and you have to give proper written answers, its not just multiple choice and ticking boxes. I was asked all of these questions again in the interview. 6. The technical interview lasted about two hours. You go up to a migration agency office in London and they sit you in a room on your own with a computer and an Australian assessor asks you the questions over Skype. The questions are also shown on the computer screen in a Powerpoint style presentation. In the technical interview, the assessor will ask you questions covering each of the units so you need to make sure you know them all. There were a couple of bits that I haven't done much of like making cakes and bread. I bought an NVQ level 2 course book and did loads of revision on the things I wasn't sure about. The questions will relate to your previous jobs so they will ask you things like "give me some examples of starters from your menu". They will then pick a starter and ask you to explain how you prepare it. They don't just pick a random dish and ask you to explain how you make it because you might never have made it before. They ask lots of questions on food hygiene, cross contamination, fridge temperatures, storage, checking deliveries etc. There was also a few questions on dietary requirements and substituting ingredients for gluten free etc. I was nervous but the assessor was really friendly and kind. I got the impression that he wanted me to pass and with a couple of things I wasn't too confident on, he kind of led me to the right answer so he could tick the box for that unit. I did know the answer, my mind just went blank a couple of times due to nerves but he helped me relax and find the right answer. If you know your job you won't have a problem, most of the questions are really simple. On cakes, all he asked me to do was name five different types of cake and that was it. The most detailed questions were about hygiene, health and safety, all types of kitchen equipment and asking you to explain how you made dishes on your menu - examples of starters, mains, fish, meat, veggie, stocks, soups and desserts, so it is all stuff you should know as you are making them at work anyway. They don't ask for measurements of recipes etc, its more about the methods that you use. I spent way to long memorising exact quantities of ingredients for cakes and bread etc. At the end of the interview, they don't tell you the result, but the assessor called me "chef" and said "maybe we'll cross paths in Australia one day" so that was a bit of a clue. 7. The successful result came about two weeks later. I'm using a MARA registered migration agent, and with the first part he was a great help in checking all my evidence so that I was sure it would be enough. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend using one as it would have been much more stressful without his guidance. The guy I use doesn't post on this forum but there are some agents with good reputations who do, such as Richard Gregan who posted above. The book that I used is called Professional Chef Level 2 (2nd edition) by Gary Hunter and Terry Tinton. It is expensive but it literally covers each unit of competency almost word for word so everything you need to know will be in there. It's good to make sure your knowledge is fresh on things you haven't done for a while. That's pretty much all I can remember about the skills assessment. All I can say is, you can't send too much evidence so spend time making sure you submit as much as possible and spend as much time as you can thinking about everything you've done in your career and research everything you're not sure about. I could have passed the interview with much less preparation, but it's good to go in feeling as confident as you can.
  2. Hi Kate, I recently passed my assessment as a cook. Which one you go for will depend on your qualifications and levels of experience and responsibilities... chef definitely gives you better visa options, and the assessment is basically the same as cook but at a more advanced level with a few extra competencies like budgeting and costing menus and leadership. From what I understand, to be a chef you need to have been supervising other cooks and to be a cook you need to have been working under supervision of a chef. I went for cook as I haven't really held a leadership role in the kitchen. VETASSESS require four years experience so you may need to get another year depending on if you did a year's apprenticeship prior to your three years experience. This is what is says on their website for each job... COOK... We will review your training and employment evidence to ensure you have: » at least 4 years’ experience as a Commercial Cook » the range of skills and knowledge required by a Commercial Cook. Your 4 years’ experience may include time spent in workplace-based training. Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 6 months within the last 3 years. CHEF... We will review your training and employment evidence to ensure you have: » at least 4 years’ experience as a Commercial Chef » the range of skills and knowledge required by a Commercial Chef. Your 4 years’ experience may include time spent in workplace-based training. Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 6 months within the last 3 years. Look up the fact sheets on the VETASSESS website. Everything is listed pretty clearly on there. Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. Hi Bryson, I also don’t have a uk qualification for my trade but when I passed the vetassess assessment I was issued with the Australian equivalent qualification so this is what gets the ten points. The actual certificate was sent to my agent through the post and arrived a couple of weeks after the result showed as successful on vetassess. Best to give vetassess a call and check that you have been awarded the Australian qualification. They have a uk number available 7am to 11am and are very helpful.
  4. Nakney

    EOI relevant experience?

    Yes he is and he has a very good reputation as far as I’m aware. From what I understand, with NSW, you must be invited to apply for state nomination. It seems that my agent is preparing to submit the application for state nomination already. I’m a bit confused as obviously he is the expert and I don’t want to question his judgement. I do trust him, he has great reviews and he came recommended, but I am just very worried that I am not being given the best chance of success. I don’t see how I can be selected to apply for nomination without the minimum two years experience marked as relevant in my EOI.
  5. Nakney

    EOI relevant experience?

    Hi, I submitted my EOI for NSW 190 a couple of weeks ago. My occupation is cook which requires two years of experience in a commercial kitchen. I passed my VETASSESS skills assessment but as I don't hold a trade qualification I wasn't given a date from which I would be deemed as qualified. I looked into submitting a Migration Points Advice with TRA but there is currently a really long wait and I don't have a huge amount of evidence from some of my previous employment (I have a national insurance contributions statement with my name, the employer's name and the amount of money I earned each year, references and statutory declarations. I used to get paid in cash and don't have any payslips from back then) and as I am not claiming any extra points for experience, my agent said it should be fine to just submit the EOI. For my occupation, three years experience can substitute for a formal qualification and I have 5.7 year's experience so it should be enough to get an invitation. My issue is that my agent didn't mark this work as being relevant to my occupation as he doesn't want to risk claiming too many points as there is no official confirmation of when I became qualified and the system automatically adds points for 5 year's experience and I only need two years. On my EOI it looks like I have zero year's experience when I actually have 5.7. Would NSW look at this and immediately say no because it looks like I don't have two year's worth of experience or would they actually read the job descriptions and realise that the reason they are not marked as relevant is just because I am not claiming points? VETASSESS gave me a positive assessment on this evidence and they need four years so they must have accepted the evidence for at least that amount of time and the way the years work out, if they are giving me four years, they have to give me 5.7 as I was in one of the jobs for nearly 3 years. Sorry this is a bit complicated. I do trust my agent but I would like a second opinion as I would rather submit my MPA now than wait another six months with no invitation before deciding I need to do that. I am not currently working as a cook so for each month that passes, I am losing a month. Would another option be to just mark the post three years experience as relevant?
  6. Yeah I got all 90s on PTE so happy with that. We have put down 190 for NSW but I’m pretty sceptical about getting an invite with my points and occupation so going to leave it 6 or 7 months and go back to plan A - 489 for SA if we haven’t had an invite. Are you going for 190 NSW too? Whereabouts are you hoping to move to? Just seen on the other thread you got your certificate and submitted EOI. Good luck!
  7. Hi Emma, No. I can view an outcome letter when I log into VETASSESS. I'm pretty sure the certificate was sent to my agent as the outcome letter has his address on it, but I haven't seen it so not 100% sure if I even got one. He's submitted my EOI though so I'm assuming he has the certificate as it will be needed. Maybe log into VETASSESS check the address on the letter and the certificate will probably go to that address? If it's a UK address, I guess it will take a while to arrive. I've found them really helpful whenever I've called them so maybe try that? The UK number is 0808 2349 873 and is open 7am - 11am.
  8. Nakney

    190 NSW?

    Hi all, My wife and I have been planning to move to SA on a 489 SS. We had a chat yesterday and I think she would now prefer to go to NSW if possible. We spent a lot of time around Byron, Mullumbimby etc and actually got engaged there so it's quite a special place for us. We had agreed SA as we have good friends in Adelaide and we have visited a few times, but the long term plan has always been to eventually move up to the North NSW coast a few years down the line and once we have gained PR. In truth, SA was the only state we looked into and once I saw that a 489 visa would likely be possible, I didn't really bother exploring any other options. We are now almost at the point of lodging the EOI and I just want to ask if anyone thinks we would stand any chance of getting invited to apply for a 190 to NSW? I am a cook and I am aiming to get 60 points +5 if applying for 190 (I have my PTE tomorrow and will have 60 points if I get top marks on that!). I have looked on the NSW website, my occupation is on the priority list and I am pretty sure that I will meet all the criteria. I have been looking on all the forums for other examples of cooks being invited with 65 points but I can't really find any answers. I have seen people from other occupations getting invited with 65 points but it seems that NSW prioritises invitations by occupation. Is there any way of finding out which occupations will be prioritised over others? I understand that we would not be at the top of the list and would likely have a long wait to get invited. We aren't really in a massive hurry but would also like to avoid wasting time by putting NSW on our EOI if we don't ever stand a chance of an invitation. Also, if I only gain 10 points on the PTE, that will be enough for SA so I don't want to waste time/money retaking the exam unless I am going to go for a 190. We do use a migration agent who I have asked but I he is in Aus so it's unlikely that I'll get an answer until tomorrow. I know I'm being impatient and I am also aware that I won't get a definite answer on this forum, but could someone just let me know whether you have heard of cooks getting invited to apply for a 190 to NSW with 65 points? If someone tells me it's a total waste of time and never going to happen then that's fine, we are happy to settle for a 489 to SA as originally planned. A 190 visa certainly seems a little bit too good to be true with my occupation. Sorry for the rambling essay. If anyone has any idea, please let me know. Cheers
  9. Hi Waris, Yes I got a positive result for the skills assessment. It took me about 2 weeks for the result to appear on the system. The letter and certificate have been posted to the migration agent. I am applying SA on a 489 State Sponsored. PTE exam is booked for 15th May so will lodge EOI as soon as I get a positive result from that. Good luck to your husband for his interview, I'm sure he will be fine. My assessor was really friendly. He knew I was nervous and helped me through the interview. They want you to pass so they try to make you feel relaxed.
  10. Good luck to your husband for his assessment today! I got my successful result through this morning after a painstaking 15 day wait!
  11. Thanks! I’ve just finished it. It was the most nervous I’ve ever been but the assessor was really nice and he tried to help me along a little bit so just a painful 10 days ahead of me waiting for the result. Have you been in touch with them? Eight weeks does seem ages. There is a UK number that you can call before 11am. I’ve called them a couple of times about things and they have been really helpful.
  12. Just to update, I got my technical interview date through today. 3rd April at Visa Bureau office in London. Hopefully you guys should get yours through soon!
  13. No I haven’t booked it yet, going to get the skills assessment out of the way first! There are some practice tests on the IELTS website I think. Might be worth seeing how he finds those. I would have thought they would make some allowances if he’s dyslexic and give him some extra help? I’ve read on the Bob In Oz website that the Pearson test is easier than IELTS for native English speakers? There’s quite an in depth discussion about it somewhere on their forum, it’s probably worth a read.
  14. Yeah I'm exactly the same, checking emails constantly and logging into Vetassess to see if anything has changed... I'm applying for SA on a 489 as a cook. Hoping to move with my wife, dog and cat. How is your husband feeling about the technical interview? I'm very nervous. I know my stuff but really worried that my mind will go blank or they will ask me about something I haven't done for ages. I'm also worried in case they take cook off of the list while I'm waiting. Its still showing as green so should be okay but you never know.