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  1. MB83

    Visa medical reassurance

    Thanks @wrussell I have received advice from our agent but wanted to come here to see if anyone had any helpful insights. All went well this morning, nothing to worry about.
  2. MB83

    Visa medical reassurance

    Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate these insights. Not morbidly obese at all, a little chubby! Please keep us in your thoughts on Friday!
  3. MB83

    Visa medical reassurance

    Hi everyone, Bit of short notice, but we have our visa medicals on Friday and I'm looking really for some reassurances! We are already in Melbourne. My husband and I are both well and relatively healthy, no underlying conditions etc. However we have gained some COVID kilos! We're a little bit worried about this and wonder if they could fail us just based on our weight or if it would have to be something more significant than that? Really appreciate any thoughts, considerations and guidance. Thanks so much.
  4. MB83

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    @kevsan I would be very interested in getting a copy of your spreadsheet please if you could send it to me? Thanks