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  1. Silas

    489 visa

    I think they will start after the end of March or from the early april
  2. Silas

    489 visa

    Maanz all the processes are on hold ATM according to the officers. As there is going to make some changes that’s y the kept every applications on hold
  3. Silas

    Visa 489 State timelines

    They said the visa will be on hold until the end of March 2018 or the early week of April.
  4. Silas

    489 visa

    NSW Riverina
  5. Silas

    489 visa

    I was looking for job after getting registration but unfortunately after 1 month if getting registration I had an accident and had to do surgery of my leg and couldn’t do job. That’s the problem
  6. Silas

    489 visa

    That’s true but I’m some state and the regional areas of that states look for enrolled nurse. For example Riverina of NSW are looking for enrolled nurse. But what I want to know is if they will accept me with skill assessment without experience or they will look for the experience.
  7. Silas

    489 visa

  8. Silas

    489 visa

    I have completed diploma that means I am enrolled nurse now.
  9. Silas

    489 visa

    I have got skill assessment as well
  10. Silas

    489 visa

    Thank u ali but I am registered and have a certificate as well. But I just want to know if I want to apply for 489 visa in regional area do I have to have work experience or can I apply without the experience in the studied field.
  11. Silas

    489 visa

    I have completed diploma of nursing in 2016 and looking forward to apply for 489 visa. But I heard that, according to the new visa rule that we have to have 3 years work experience to apply for that visa. Is that correct? I am looking forward to your reply.