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  1. Dear Raul, Thank you for your response. I have one more related question, if you don't mind: My 457 was granted before 18 April 2017, and I understood that I'm eligible for grandfathering arrangements when applying to PR via the TRT stream (e.g., can apply up to the age of 50). My question is whether I will be eligible for these special arrangements even if my nominated occupation changed (i.e., my first 457 visa nominated occupation was "Life Scientists nec", and my new occupation, still with the same 457 visa, is "University Lecturer"). Thanks ahead, Oren
  2. Hello Raul (or other consultants), Raul, I tagged you on this topic because I saw you replied to a similar question, and I cannot find the information anywhere else. My situation is: I am working on a 457 Visa (Life Scientist nec - 234599) and I'm going to move to a new employer (a big University) who is going to nominate me BEFORE 01 March 2018, but with a different occupation (University Lecturer - 242111). My question is: Will I be required to re-apply for the visa given that the occupations are different? or are they similar enough? Also, does it matter that we are now in the transition period between the 457 and TSS visas? Should I expect problems in the nomination transfer because of that? Thanks ahead for any assistance you can provide. Yours, Oren