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    600 visa

    I think it is not in Australia more than 12 months in any 18 month period, but as Paul said not good to cut it that fine.
  2. That's a very long bow to call - what I say on this site seems not valid unless it is what some have decided
  3. No interest I assume? - my comment stands. One I don't know and one I agree is excellent more so in a region.
  4. Since the OP first comment is now deleted - beliefs are fine. but that could and should have been a public statement. Not saying Richard is but there are a growing number of "very poor" "Registered Migration Agents" that at end of day have zero accountability to a application - as that even if $15K is paid to a agent and for any reason drunk/death or just give up and don't tell the applicant and a refusal is given. Bad luck - having a RMA means nothing and about zero chance of any funds recovery and nothing of a credit in a process with immigration.
  5. Picking an agent is not simple, but make sure they are registered. Being in the UK is not really required as just like your application it can all be done online. Not all registered migration agents are good, there are some bad ones. Research a few and see who you might work best with. I don't recommend ones that try poach work from applicants that currently have an agent or ones that make wild statements and wont listen to explanations (hardly the type you want talking to your case officer, on your behalf). In most cases once you engage one you need to depart with a large amount of money for their fee, if not all their fee. So know your agent well before this. I have used or consulted 4 or 5 over the years - 2 were used and brilliant, the others were consults at least 1 paid and was useless. There are 6 registered migration agents that I recommend, not sure how many are on this forum - not been here long.
  6. Your name is not one of them Nemesis. And he has accused me of being in the industry!
  7. In addition both Snifter and Verystormy I sent my list of visas I have had to deal with (more detail than above) on 16/Feb/2018 and informed them I an not new to this. I also see a few names that cross different forums including a moderator and RMA's, none of them seem to have the same opinion as you - that I work in the industry. I find your comment sentiment offensive. Happy to supply proof of what is possible above.
  8. I am flattered to be considered a commercial operator. In 2001 I got my wife and daughter visitor visas from a high risk country to visit Australia and my family, I stayed offshore. In 2004 I got my wife and 2 daughters visitor visas from same country to Australia I travelled with them as between jobs 8503 imposed. I got citizenship for my kids by descent. An event happened and I successfully had my wife's 8503 condition removed. Applied for Partner Visa and was granted (820 & PR) think this was 2004 late or early 2005. Got citizenship for wife think 2 years later. Relationship broke down. A dating relationship with a person from high risk again lead to numerous visitor visa applications (some approved others not) and almost a partner application - but did not work out. A third relationship from another high risk country was far more complex and had numerous types of visa applications including visitor, PMV and 820 some approved others refused. So no never been a pro but used a few very good RMA's
  9. I do think Partner Visas are "easier" than other types of visas, but only when you have done some research on what is actually required. My reason for this is that if we met the 4 category of evidence requirements, the medical, the police, (the 12 month if applicable) and prove the relationship - then technically it can not be refused. If it is you can get an AAT hearing. Visas that require the genuine temporary entrant requirement to be considered are just a lottery depending on lots of factors from passport held, country of citizenship to just the case officer having a bad day. Often these can not go to the AAT. They can be extremely hard to impossible. That said both quotes you supplied are a far cry from the word "easy". I don't actually think Partner Visas have become more difficult or complicated, I don't recall to many changes in the actual legislation or the required forms from my first application that was around 15 years ago - But I am sure there have been a few changes. What I will say is that the processing has become far more compliant to policy and regulation than it was years ago, case officers seemed to be more flexible with applications then, now they seem very strict. One would assume that is a result of large numbers of applications and increasing process times and management wanting to address that issue. I am still extremely interest in finding out about your (sorry forget wording) large number of clients that are in genuine relationships having applications refused! Were you their agent or were they a DYI and now consulting you? I have rarely heard of a RMA having a partner visas refused. If the later can you supply some reasons for the refusal/s.
  10. Hi Raul, probably fair to say we wont always if at all, get on but we can keep it civil. Based on my experiences the Partner Visa application is not a simple process, but it does have requirements (boxes) that need to be ticked or a better use of words "complied with". If all the requirements are meet and valid supporting documentation is supplied and no medical or conviction issues exist. It will be a valid application and processed, if everything is complied with the application should be approved, it is just a matter of time. Now it can be refused if all the boxes have not been ticked or if the case officer just does not believe the evidence, this is when the AAT is often used. People will use this regardless of if they ticked the boxes or not and often to buy time. The ones incorrectly refused go back for processing (Can you supply a % for this number Raul?) the ones buying time generally have a very bad day. I find alarming you have so many "genuine applications refused" and I never tell people to go in unprepared in fact the opposite take 2-4 months on working on the application. Let me guess on your genuine relationship comment - that is less than 6 months cohabitation? With this I agree 110% or more. Many people do successfully lodge by themselves, however, you need to do your research and be aware of the potential magnitude of a partner application. P.S My belief is the AAT is getting abuse due waiting times on partner visas being so long.
  11. Stung

    About Migration agent

    So you do work visas and so do the Australia ones - sorry I did not mention the words "skilled" or "sponsored" in relation to work visas. With a 01 number I can do the math!