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  1. Thanks I didn't know that about the beds and defo worth knowing. To be honest we only moved back from Aus last year and we are heading back again so we have little furniture of sentimental value or that feels 'homely' to us so have no qualms getting second hand as we've done this before.
  2. Yeah you can always offer some extra cash for delivery. I've delivered before for someone.
  3. I didn't even know you could do that! Thanks
  4. We'd have to do that if we borrowed furniture too. I could borrow a ute or hire a van for a weekend which would help.
  5. That's a good idea thanks. It's hard to know what will be easiest so it's good to hear different options.
  6. P.s We'd probably mostly buy off Gumtree again to begin with so aren't worried about furniture costs in Perth.
  7. I'm trying to weigh up shipping our furniture etc (most isn't valuable or sentimental) or buy when we arrive in Australia. We have children and don't want to wait around for months for our furniture to arrive. If we have to borrow or buy anyway while we're waiting it seems pointless. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.
  8. Sunny18

    Child subclass 101 required??

    Thank you!☺
  9. Sunny18

    Child subclass 101 required??

    I hope you're right as it's a hell of a lot cheaper!! Thanks I'll keep looking into it.
  10. Sunny18

    Child subclass 101 required??

    My husband and I, both Australian citizens with passports and two children born in Australia and have passports moved to the Uk last year. We are moving back to Australia in a few months time. I had a baby while over here in the UK. After a bit of research am I right in thinking the baby will need a subclass 101 visa even though the rest of her family are citizens?
  11. Sunny18

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    I think you've hit the nail on the head there. I love visiting the UK but I just don't like living here. Not now I've experienced the warmth, space, blue skys and clean streets. The UK has so much history, depth and charisma, but it's great for short periods. For me anyway!
  12. Sunny18

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    Yeah it's something I'd never have even considered. Luckily we were renting so it wasn't our responsibility to deal with any damage. I think anywhere you live there'll be downsides. We moved there from a house surrounded by bushland and ended up with snakes in the garden and house. Now that was terrifying! I'm talking myself out of moving back haha!
  13. Sunny18

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    We lived right on the beach and it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. High winds rattling the shutters so loudly at night, loads of flies and salt/sand all over the windows and cars. It was an amazing view don't get me wrong but we won't be doing that again!?
  14. Sunny18

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    Hi Drumbeat We did consider living in the hills whilst there but it was just a bit too far from the ocean for us. It's beautiful up there though and I can imagine there's probably a nice community feel like you say.
  15. Sunny18

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    Hi Loxxy I think you're right there...I probably won't be 100% happy where ever I choose to live now. There's sacrifices to be made in either place. Luckily I made some wonderful friends over there and I miss them lots. But in the Uk you have that depth where you know people from your childhood...although that's not always a good thing haha.